Day 7 – Looking for Another Felon

Happy Sunday.  It’s JJ today.

Today is the seventh day of promotion—the third for Coco’s Nuts.  It’s available for 99 cents!

In the second official Triple Threat Investigation Agency case we’re searching for a felon (or two).  Rey, Linda and I are out to prove that socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer didn’t shoot infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo, who also happened to be her boss.  A few days later, her best friend is gunned down.  It doesn’t help when Picolo’s assistant receives five fatal bullets.  Things don’t look good for our client.  Still, despite what the evidence suggests, we’re sure Buddy was set up.

Loads of people hated Picolo enough to kill him but finding the person who pulled the trigger is tricky, given the collection of curious characters—including the daughter who owes Vegas folks a few serious dollars, his son who may want to take over the businesses, an AWOL nutbar named Coco Peterson.

Our private-eyeing travels lead us down a few detours, such as the world of gambling and debt collectors.  We also ruffle a lot of feathers by asking too many questions.  Hopefully, we obtain answers before something significant blows up . . . like us!


Aloha Sunday!

Standing Strong

It’s JJ, posting for the three of us, er, four of us (sorry Boss).  Today, we thought we’d simply display the hope-oriented quotes we’ve been posting the last few days on our Triple Threat Investigation Agency FB page.

These times are trying, unexpected and unusual to say the least, but we will get through them.  It may not seem as simple as stated, but we’re a resilient lot.  We have the faith (be it religious, spiritual, emotional, or cerebral), the stamina, and the determination.  We . . . shall . . . overcome.

In all things it is better to hope than to despair.  ♥ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman

 Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them.  ♥ Vincent McNabb, Irish scholar and priest

Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.  ♥ Albert Camus, French Algerian philosopher, author, and journalist

Out of difficulties grow miracles.  ♥ Jean de la Bruyère, French philosopher and moralist

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.  ♥ Desmond Tutu, South African Leader

Hope is a passion for the possible.  ♥ Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author 

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.  If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.  ♥ Thích Nhất Hạnh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist, founder of the Plum Village Tradition

We liked this one so much, we posted it twice.

Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.  ♥ Barbara Kingsolver, American novelist, essayist and poet

WPhopeNever let go of hope.

H   hold

O   optimism  (and)

P   positiveness

E   evermore

(That was Rey’s contribution.  Who’d have thought she had it in her, God bless her.)

Stay safe!

The Naught for Nothing Post

This week I was inspired by, well, nothing.  I guess my mind is as blank as the page of The Nothing Book (Wanna Make Something of it?).  Remember that, by Bruce Harris?  Many of you won’t of course, given it came out in the 70s.  But it was huge back then.  A book filled with blank pages.  What a concept.  Make a mint by putting a title on a notebook or diary.  Bravo!

So why a naught for nothing post?  Because there are so many thoughts and notions in my head they seem to blend into a big bunch of nothingness.  Because there is so much to post about right now, and yet nothing to say that hasn’t already been said.  Because so much is happening . . . and yet nothing appears to be moving/improving . . .  as we wait (and worry) about what will transpire.

But nothing in and of itself has its merit.  There’s nothing wrong with sitting back and attempting to relax, or gather momentum, or pray / hope / wish for better and safer days.  Embracing nothingness lends itself to a sense of relief, if only temporarily.

I rather like the thought of nothing as “something that does not exist”—like this catastrophic period in history or the dire daily news.  Or “nonexistence”—like this devastating illness.  Ah, to wave a magic wand and have it all go away, to fade into . . . nothingness.  To be able to do much ado about nothing, because that nothing is nothing more than something trivial, like too much cream in coffee.

So, today I’m posting about nothing—for the reason that there would be nothing better than to have nothing to worry about.

Stay safe my dear friends.

The Sun always Rises

You have the three of us today.  Hey, it’s Rey!

No, this isn’t a post about Hemingway (Linda told me my title was similar to the title of one of his books).  If you’ve been following our FB (The Triple Threat Investigation Agency) page, you know we’ve spent the week pretty much on the lanai.  Oh, we’re doing some work—whatever’s doable—and drinking lots of iced tea, which I personally hate.  Linda’s been busy creating new blends (keeps her busy, she says).  The latest concoction—fusion, as my BFF calls it—is lavender-fennel.  With sprigs of dill, no less.  It’s . . . interesting (and let’s leave it at that).

Besides watching some mind-numbing TV—you know, I kinda wish I’d opted to become a game-show model (I like the clothes)—and over-grooming the kids, we’ve been reading a lot.  Me Nancy Drew, Linda philosophy and English lit stuff (can you spell y-a-w-n?), and JJ everything and anything in the news.  Who’d ever have guessed life could be put on lock-down hold?

Given the hope-related posts on FB all week, we thought we’d stay on a similar theme and each provide a current favorite quote—one that’s kinda inspiring us right now.

Linda:   I have to go with Helen Keller’s “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”  Clear and clever.  Never give into negativity or the dark side(s) of life.

JJ:   Winston Churchill said it succinctly well.  “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”  Remaining optimistic, no matter what adversity faces us, is tantamount to overcoming [any and all] obstacles.

Me-Rey:   As a part-time actress, I have to go with Milton Berle.  “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  We—you, me—have the ability to make things happen.  Don’t ever doubt that.

Continue to stay safe, be smart, and keep the faith.  The sun does always rise . . . sometimes with breathtaking results.

Take care, dear friends.

No Aversion to Diversions

It’s Linda posting today.  The Boss is helping us close the current case, HA-HA-HA-HA, while simultaneously working on an editing project and doing the 9-to-5.  (At least she got over that t.p. obsession, though now she does seem to be  fanatically focused on finding sanitizer products.)

Rey, JJ and I are sitting on the lanai again.  It’s nice and quiet, save for the neighbor who decided to start a self-reno project, given he’s got a lot of time on his hand.  The banging and clanging are a bit annoying, but nothing compared to the cussing when he hammers his finger.

The three of us at the Triple Threat Investigation Agency are still finding diversions—besides blogging and reviewing, I’m taking an on-line course on pet grooming, inspired by JJ’s gawd-awful “spruce up” of Button a few days ago.  The poor dear’s still wearing that woe-is-me look.  A dog with a mullet; who knew it was possible?  JJ’s reviewing crime stories for the agency website.  And Rey’s still reading Nancy Drew books, with great enthusiasm I might add.  She’s been enacting scenes for us.  Hey, it passes the time.

Considering there’s not much happening, I’ve no aversion to another diversion.  So here you go, dear friends, another excerpt from HA-HA-HA-HA.

Continue to stay safe and healthy!

“Nice flowers,” Rey commented, peering over my shoulder at the gold-flecked carton that had just arrived at the agency. 

It was a few minutes after noon and Linda had joined Mink for a casual lunch in the doggy-wear designer’s office.  I’d declined as I’d already picked up shrimp won-ton mein at a noodle house across the street and Rey had passed with a monotone “not hungry”.  Whether that was because she wasn’t a fan of Mink or the fact her BFF and Mink were becoming good pals remained to be seen.

She dropped onto the rattan sofa beside me with a thud.

“Hey, we can’t afford to replace broken furniture,” I chided.

“You going to open that?”  She poked the carton with a long apple-red fingernail.

“My, my, my.  Aren’t we curious?”

“We are.  Now, open it!”

Chuckling, I untied the satin ribbon.  Inside, wrapped in lightweight tissue were twelve long-stem crimson roses.

“Nice.”  Her tone was flat, her gaze narrowed.  “What about the card?”

I passed it.  “You do the honors.”

She unsealed the small gilt-edged envelope like a pro.  “Lovely flowers for lovely ladies.”  She turned it over and shrugged.  “Looks like you have—hold on, it says ‘ladies’.  But the delivery was to you.”

“Looks like we have a secret admirer.”

She frowned.  “They’re roses.”

“But they’re not black,” I said with a tight smile.

Her frown deepened.  “You think they might be from GRP?”

“It’s possible, but I’d expect him to enclose a taunting or sinister message.  And the flowers would be black, or close to.”  I shrugged.  “These could be from a former client or a mischievous friend.”

“Our few friends don’t have money to blow on high-end roses,” she stated, eyeing them circumspectly.  “Maybe a client.”

I stood.  “May as well put them in a vase.”

“We don’t have one.”

“Then I’ll run down to the little trading shop next door and buy one.  They’re too pretty to let wither.”

“Take ‘em home.”  She smiled faintly.  “The place could use some color.”

“They still need water until we leave.”

She shrugged and started to remove them from the box—and shrieked.  “Shit.  I forgot about thorns.”

But it wasn’t a thorn that was sticking from a bleeding finger when she held it up—but a mini razor blade for a snap-blade knife.

She looked at me crossly.  “You were sayin’ something about friends?”

No Laughing Matter

Hey, it’s Rey today.  The Boss is out on t.p. patrol.  The woman has an obsession about it, I tell ya (so what if there’s hardly any to be had?)—get over it.

Cousin Jilly and Linda and I are sitting on the lanai.  We’ve been fortunate so far re the virus, but then we’re being diligent about staying in touch with the latest news.  Ensure you do, too.

So life doesn’t become too grim or overwhelming, we’re finding diversions—Linda’s blogging and JJ’s grooming the pets in the shade.  I’m reading some of the Boss’ Nancy Drew books to pass time.

In case you’re looking for a bit of a distraction, I thought I’d share an excerpt, or teaser, from our upcoming case HA-HA-HA-HA (whadya think—all caps or no?).

Stay safe and healthy everyone—we will get through this.

Take it away, JJ!

“So much for an early night,” Linda grumbled, waving farewell to Ald and Sallo, who’d arrived fifteen minutes after we’d called Ald. 

Both men had been wearing 50s-style polyester black-and-red bowling shirts.  Funny, who’d have guessed either HPD homicide detective was a bowler?  As Rey would say, ya truly do learn something new every day.

Pets on our heels, it was fifteen minutes after midnight when we finally locked up and trooped upstairs. 

“So GRP’s getting close and personal.”  I parked my butt on the edge of Rey’s queen-size upholstered storage bed.  

Leaning into the far wall, Linda frowned and appeared pensive.  “I wonder whose blood he used.” 

“I suspect we’ll learn soon enough,” I said wearily. 

“Do you think they’ll find anything incriminating?”

“That dude won’t have left any evidence or DNA,” Rey responded, removing a folded oversized T-shirt from one of two marquetry-motif nightstands.  She started undressing.  “Guess we can open an official case file, starting with the photos we took earlier.”

“And the details Ald said he’d provide tomorrow,” Linda added.

Limited details,” I emphasized.  “He’s not going to share all.”

“It should be enough to begin some serious private-eyeing.”

“Think we should get a security system, like Hives suggested?” my cousin asked, tossing a crimson lace bra across the room.  It landed at the base of a variegated solid-marble and brushed-brass floor mirror (an “awesome mega-discounted sale piece”).

“Given our line of work, yes.”  I flopped back and stared at a ceiling in dire need of paint.  Bonzo landed beside me, his face—with whiskers wildly twitching—inches from mine.  “Let’s do it first thing.”

Linda glanced at her ice-pink Coach watch.  “I’m bed-bound.  Nighty-night ladies.”

“Who can sleep?” Rey asked dryly, slipping the T-shirt advertising a local rib joint over her head.

“Count sheep.”

“More like count cadavers,” she said with a cynical smile.

Standing, I waved goodnight and tread to my room where I found Button already on the bed.  With a pat to her head, I slipped into a V-back chemise and pulled aside the covers.  A twinge—gut instinct—impelled me to check the agency website.  The laptop, conveniently perched on a recently purchased diamond-patterned nightstand (Rey’s “sales bug” was contagious), found its way onto my lap. 

Sure enough, a message from GRP had arrived in the Inbox.

Need help with house renos?  Climbing ladders is no big deal and I’m pretty good with tools.  You’ve seen my etching work.  Let me know and I’ll pop by.  Your new playmate.  GrimReaperPeeper.  Or, as you’ve so fondly dubbed me, GRP.

I drew a deep breath and gazed around the dim bedroom.  Obviously GRP was watching.  And it appeared he was listening, too.

Ta to the Talented Sandi Wallace

My heartfelt thanks to Australia-based crime writer Sandi Wallace for her four-star review of The Connecticut Corpse Caper.  The first book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series details the crazy antics at a haunted antebellum mansion that “launched” the P.I. careers of JJ, Rey, and Linda.

The Connecticut Corpse Caper is the first in the Triple Threat Mysteries and my first read of this author. It’s a fun twist on the traditional isolated country house whodunnit trope – the writer’s style is energetic and brims with quirky humour and description. There’s a posh mansion, tonnes of hidden passageways, a singing-talking ghost, and a cast of both likeable and unlikeable characters all required to stay a week to inherit a packet of money. When the body count rises, corpses disappear and unexpected parties make an entrance, it’s time for our amateur sleuths to get to work to solve the case. A very enjoyable cosy mystery. (Reviewed on March 11, 2020)

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

WPSandi2Sandi’s love of crime stories and avid interest in policing enabled her to step into crime-writer shoes, with successful results!  She has won numerous prizes for her short crime fiction, including several Scarlet Stiletto Awards.  Her debut novel, Tell Me Why (the first in the Georgie Harvey and John Franklin series), won the Davitt Award Readers’ Choice.  Congrats Sandi!

Equally exciting is the fact that her fourth rural thriller, Black Cloud, will be released on July 22nd 2020 and her entire back-list will be republished (with more titles in the pipeline).  As an FYI, Black Cloud, Tell Me WhyDead Again and Into the Fog are currently available for at your favorite Amazon store.

At present, Sandi is working on a standalone psychological thriller—something for us readers to look forward to!

WPSandi1You can follow Sandi Wallace’s book news via her Facebook page (Sandi Wallace – Author), as well as Instagram, Pinterest, and her website.

Please connect with Sandi here:




Day 9 – All is Fine

The third mystery in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series, Coco’s Nuts, is still avail for 99 cents.

Featuring three thirty-something female private eyes—JJ, Rey, and Linda—this revolves around their second official case.  The trio has to clear their new client of murder.  They’re convinced  that socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer didn’t shoot infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo (also her boss) any more than she did Eb, her best friend.

Many people hated Picolo enough to kill him but discovering the person who pulled the trigger is tricky.  There’s a number of possible culprits—including, but not limited to, Picolo’s daughter who owes Vegas folks a lot of money, his son who may be more than eager to take over Daddy’s businesses, and an MIA nutbar named Coco Peterson.

The threesome’s investigation takes them into the world of gambling and the debt collectors that hover in the shadows.  And their inquiries annoy a few folks, but hopefully not enough that they end up joining the mounting number of “casualties”.


The gals, by the by, are still enmeshed in wrapping up their fifth case (it’s proving most challenging).  Ha-ha-ha-ha . . . .

Day 8 – It’s Not too Late!

… to get Coco’s Nuts for 99 cents!  It’s the third mystery in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series featuring three thirty-something female private eyes—us!

Hi, it’s Linda today.  The second official Triple Threat Investigation Agency case has attempting to clear our new client of murder.  Rey, JJ and I are certain that socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer didn’t shoot infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo, who was also her boss.  A few days later Eb, her best friend, is gunned down in a laneway not far from where Picolo was.  It doesn’t help when the boss’ assistant Mr. Razor, has five bullets pumped into him.

Many people hated Picolo enough to kill him but finding the person who pulled the trigger is tricky.  There’s a collection of curious characters—including, but not limited to, the daughter who owes Vegas folks a few serious dollars, the son who may want to take over Daddy’s businesses, and an AWOL nutbar named Coco Peterson.

Our private-eyeing takes us into the not-so-glamorous world of gambling and the debt collectors that lurk in the shadows.  Our detecting gets under the skin of a few folks; hopefully, we get some truthful answers before anything significant blows up—like us three.


Here’s to a great start of the week.

Day 6 – How’s Trix?

Hey, it’s Rey again.  (The Boss, by the way, is doing cartwheels down the hallway coz she found her former version of WordPress.  Can you spell y-e-e-h-a?)

Today is the 6th day of promotion—the 2nd for Coco’s Nuts.  It’s available for dirt cheap, like 99 cents dirt cheap!

The second official Triple Threat Investigation Agency case is a baffling one.  JJ, Linda and I have to prove that socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer didn’t shoot her boss, infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo.  Despite what the evidence suggests, we’d bet dollars to donuts that Buddy was set up. In a search for answers, we have to contend with a whack of suspects.

Loads of people hated Picolo enough to kill him but finding the person who pulled the trigger proves challenging. His daughter owes thousands of dollars to Vegas collectors who don’t wanna hear “I haven’t got it”, so the inheritance money would really come in handy.  But maybe his son is super eager to take over Daddy’s business(es)?  Nutty Coco Peterson, a Picolo employee, has been missing since the murder; could be he’s on the lam.  And why was Buddy’s best friend gunned down a few days after Picolo?  For that matter, who pumped five bullets into Mr. Razor, Picolo’s assistant?

Our detecting travels lead us along a few detours—like the world of gambling and “limb-breakers”—and has us ruffling feathers by asking too many questions.  Hopefully we get answers before something significant blows up . . . like us!


JJ’s posting tomorrow.  See ya!

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