1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Yeah, no rhyme or reason re the title, but it seemed as good a one as any . . . because it’s Day 5—the last one—of the free promotion of The Connecticut Corpse Caper!

If you like old mystery movies with creepy mansions, hidden passageways, and multiple corpses, Caper’s for you.  And solving this caper proves both challenging and exciting . . . and maybe a little scary, too.  Okay, maybe a lot scary.  <he-he>

Hey, with a description like this of eccentric Aunt Mat’s place, how could you not have a thrill or chill or two?  (You just know something major is going to happen!)

“Hell” was the best word to describe the Moone Connecticut estate. The mansion resembled a demon’s lair and could serve as a horror film director’s dream setting. Dark and untamed, it promoted an underworld quality. Yet everything on the sweeping grounds also held a sense of harmony, as if the neglect, almost perfect in its precision, had been carefully executed.

A thick arc of dead rosebushes encircling a lopsided fountain of capering cherubs boasted stark, disconcerting symmetry while a large overrun garden, lifeless herb patch, and circular clump of dogwood possessed an oddly unsettling order.

Situated on the far eastern corner of the estate was an elaborate stone gazebo enfolded by lifeless ivy twisted like sinewy, arthritic arms. Beyond it stood a perfectly aligned grove of cedars. With its unique aesthetic quality, the land was reminiscent of Futurist artist Giacomo Balla’s later figurative works.

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Not Too Many More, We’re at Day Four

Day Four of the free (!) promotion of The Connecticut Corpse Caper . . . featuring me (lovely Rey), my cute Cousin Jilly (also known as JJ), and my BFF, Linda (she’s a peach).

That crazy week there motivated us three to become professional private eyes; for three non-detectives, we did an awesome job solving the “case”.   Here’s a summary that Linda wrote a wee while back:

A week-long stay in a creepy oversize Connecticut mansion is awash with hidden passageways, disappearing and reappearing corpses, and seven quirky inheritance recipients.  And if that’s not enough to make for hair-raising moments on a secluded storm-bound estate, how about a ghost named Fred that roams the hallways?

A stipulation in the will of JJ’s eccentric aunt: if a guest leaves early, his or her share will be divided among those remaining.  The first one to leave—permanently—dies just hours after arriving.

People soon start dropping like flies.  Donning amateur sleuth caps, we endeavor to solve the mystifying murders.  Others jump in, and the bumbling and stumbling—and mayhem—begin.

Yeah, I like that.  Good work, Lindy-Loo!

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Free, Free, Free . . . Three, Three, Three

Hey there, it’s Rey, and we’re entering Day Three of the FREE promo—that’s right, F-R-E-E.  For $0 you can get a copy of The Connecticut Corpse Caper.

What can you expect?  Lots of entertaining excitement and eerie events.  A real haunted antebellum mansion, murder and mayhem (with several corpses found in the oddest of places), and a slew of zany suspects.

The crazy happenings inspired JJ, Linda and me to set up shop on Oahu and become official P.I.s.  We’re very proud of the Triple Threat Investigation Agency and are doing pretty decent, if I do say so myself . . . and I do.

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Yabba Dabba Doo, It’s Day Two!

Gotta love Fred Flintstone’s enthusiasm—I’m yabba-dabba-dooing over day two of the FREE promo for The Connecticut Corpse Caper.

 It’s Rey again.  How ya doin’?

If you’re interested in learning how JJ, Linda and I—the private eyes of The Triple Threat Investigation Agency got our inspiration to pursue this profession—please check out the book.

There are some fun times and weird happenings: a resident ghost in whacky Aunt Mat’s mansion, a week-long “must stay” to collect a share of the inheritance (the poor dear swooned over a theater balcony, what a way to go), hidden rooms and passageways . . . and a murder or three or more.

Remember it’s free (a word dear to my heart).  Please check us out at . . .


Five, Four, Three, Two . . . One . . . None

As in free-none (nothing to pay, yay).  You don’t have to hand out one red cent.  Woo-hoo.

Hey, it’s Rey.  The Connecticut Corpse Caper, which “inspired” us to become private eyes, is available for free today through February 12th.   That’s a bargain if ever there was one.

If you, like me, enjoy old B&W mysteries with hidden rooms, red herrings, and a curious cast of colorful characters, Caper may prove a fun read.

Eccentric Aunt Mathilda has passed.  Several people—including Cousin Jilly and my best friend Linda—are invited to spend a week in her haunted mansion to collect a share of the inheritance.  If anyone leaves for any reason, their share goes to those remaining.  Only a few hours after we arrive, the first guest departs, as in permanently.  Strange goings on—such as loud bumps in the night and crazy behind-the-wall chuckling—take place and more bodies drop.  The three of us pull on our amateur sleuth hats and set out to discover who the killer is.

If I’ve intrigued you even a little bit, maybe you’d like to check out our escapades?

Catch ya tomorrow (I’m on post patrol for the duration of this promotion.)


Day Five, One More High-Five

Hey, it’s Rey again!

Welcome to Day 5 of The Connecticut Corpse Caper promotion. It’s FREE one last day—today.

Caper set the stage (in more ways than one) for JJ, Linda and me becoming official private eyes.  We solved a murder (a few, actually) during a crazy week at our Aunt Mat’s old, super creepy mansion!

We actually had to stay there a week to collect on an inheritance.  Almost from the moment we got there, bodies started dropping.  Strange sounds flowed through walls and dark hallways, and we traveled along a few long damp passageways.  It was a puzzler, trying to figure out who the killer was.  And, man, did we uncover a few bizarre “secrets” along the way.

Maybe you’d like to check out our escapades (as JJ’s former boy-toy called them)?  We’d love it if you did.


Day Four, Just Two More

Hey, it’s Rey!

Welcome to Day 4 of The Connecticut Corpse Caper promotion; only two more. It’s FREE from Nov 8 – 12 (sounds like a steal to me).

Caper gave JJ, Linda and me a taste of what being a detective was all about.  Okay, so we were more like Nancy Drews—pretty amateur sleuths—but we eventually solved the caper, er, case.

My cousin JJ and I had to stay at Aunt Mat’s huge “haunted” house for a week to collect on an inheritance (Linda was along for the ride).  From the get-go, bodies started dropping.  Weird sounds flowed through walls and long, dark passageways became part of the norm.  It was quite the challenge, determining who the perp was.  Can’t share that with you, though, sorry.  You’ll have to read Caper to find out.  But I will share this: you’ll be surprised.  He-he.

If I’ve tweaked your interest, check out . . .


See you again on Day 5!

Day Three, Hoo-Wee

Howdy.  The ladies called from way ovah the Pacific to ask me to post today.  Miss Rey was supposed to, but she ended up showing an actor friend the town and got back around three in the a.m.  Seems she’s still sleeping it off (hear a few Mai Tais were involved).

So, folks, today is Day 3 of The Connecticut Corpse Caper promotion. It’s FREE from Nov 8 – 12.  Hoo-wee.  Can’t beat that.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Sheriff Augustus Jacob Lewis and I first met the ladies when my deputy and I were called in to check on a body in Miss Matty Moone’s mansion.

Let me give y’all a rundown . . .

“What about the fact that Thomas Saturne died?” Miss Linda asked with a pretty frown.

Gwynne, my deputy, sighed. “It was an accidental death-”

“For sure?” she challenged, looking feisty.

“For now.” I drained my coffee and stood. “Matty Moone was a good lady and she made a tasty pear crumble pie-”

“Pear crumble pie?” Miss Rey and Miss Jill asked simultaneously. They seemed really surprised that their aunt baked.

“Your ahnt enjoyed baking in the fall. Never did it any othah time of the year, except for the week around Christmas, of course. She dropped off a couple of pies, like clockwork, every second Friday throughout the autumn months.” I smiled wistfully and gazed into the distance, as if a slice were within reach.  Gosh, those pies were damn tasty.

“Shouldn’t you check out the entire property?” Miss Linda demanded.

“I was going to say, before I was interrupted, she made tasty pear crumble pies but she made even greatah jokes.” I glanced from one lady to the next. “As her nieces, you’d know that bettah than anyone. She probably got this Jensen Moone fellow to play anothah prank.”


Gwynne’s concentrated stare silenced Miss Linda.

She frowned and turned to the mammoth fireplace.

“If you won’t find him, we will,” Miss Rey stated haughtily, hopping to her feet.

“When you find him, I’m sure he’ll be roaring with laughtah,” I said with a grin, smoothing my shirt over a belly that had enjoyed many of Mathilda Moone’s pear pies and more. Those were the days. “We’ll see ourselves ount. Please thank the team in the kitchen for the hospitality.”

I really got to like these ladies.  Why don’t you read Caper and find out why these likable ladies decided to become private investigators?

Miss Rey’ll be here tomorrow . . . maybe.



Day 2 . . . For You

Hi there.  Welcome to Day 2 of The Connecticut Corpse Caper promotion—it’s FREE from Nov 8 – 12.

JJ liked yesterday’s post, so here I am again—Adwin, her ex-boyfriend.

Quick rundown: Caper had several of us staying at JJ’s eccentric aunt’s haunted mansion for a week—anyone who could last the week would luck in re the inheritance.  If anyone left before then, their share would go into the pot. 

I thought I’d share a moment (one of many, let me tell you) when things started getting, well, excitingly scary.  Take it away, JJ . . .

Later, after dinner and a few treks upstairs, we adjourned to the Drink & Death Room, as Linda called the drawing room. We were sipping mint tea and avoiding eye contact, ensconced in those little Zen zones we’d become quite familiar with in the last twenty-four hours, when ghost-like booing started to flow softly around us like milkweed filaments propelled by a westerly wind.

“How Abbott and Costello,” Linda commented.

“That explains why Jensen didn’t show up for dinner,” Percival said with a roll of his eyes, jerking a thumb upward. “He’s hovering near a vent, doing a Casper impression.”

“It’s kinda lame,” Rey sniffed, pouring more tea into her cup.

“Why don’t we sneak up on him and give him a scare?” Linda suggested, standing. “I don’t want him thinking he can get away with this all night.”

“If the lot of us ‘sneak up on him’, we’d hardly catch him unawares,” Prunella pointed out dully.

Rey threw back her tea. “Let’s give it a try. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We’ll get back at him with our original plan.”

“Never mind the fact there have to be hidden rooms and walkways in an old place like this,” Linda added with a nod.

“Let’s split up,” I proposed. “Rey and Linda can take the west wing. Adwin, you and I will take the east. Prunella and Percival could-“

High-pitched staccato laughter echoed throughout the dwelling.

Linda snorted. “Geez, now we’ve got freaking Fred Flintstone’s Uncle Giggles running amok.”

Percival looked blank, but Adwin and I laughed.

“Okay guys, let’s do as my cousin suggested and take different parts of the house,” Rey said, stepping past.

I grabbed her forearm. “Let’s not make too much noise. We want to surprise him.”

“How’re we going to see anything? We can’t exactly go turning on lights if we’re aiming for the element of surprise,” Adwin pointed out.

“Let me get those flashlights we put back in the pantry earlier.” Percival strolled from the room; a man with a target.

I know the women would love it if you check out how they got interested in pursuing private-eye careers.  You can find Caper here:


Not sure who’s here the next day . . . it may be Rey. 

Day 1 . . . Not Done

Hi there.  Welcome to Day 1 of The Connecticut Corpse Caper promotion.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the private-eye trio from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency, you won’t know me.  I’m Adwin Byron Timmins, pastry chef and Jill Jocasta Fonne’s ex-beau—er, that’s JJ now, I guess (still not used to the name change).

Anyway, she asked if I’d do a quick post to let you know that The Connecticut Corpse Caper is F-R-E-E from Nov 8 – 12. 

Caper had several of us staying at JJ’s eccentric aunt’s haunted mansion for a week—anyone who could last the week would luck in re the inheritance.  If anyone left before then, their share would go into the pot. 

JJ, her mouthy cousin Rey, and Rey’s quiet best friend Linda got caught up in all the craziness—bodies dropping, weird sounds from behind thick walls, hidden passageways, and Fred the ghost—and started playing amateur sleuths.  They didn’t do too badly either and eventually tied up a lot of loose ends!  I got to adopt a cool cat and the women decided they just might want to go professional.

Maybe you’d like to check out the sleuthing adventures of my ex-girlfriend and her colleagues?  What have you got to lose . . . except a couple of action-packed, sometimes comic, hours?


Did I do okay, Jill—er, JJ?