25 Things about L’il Ol’ Me

This is a major to-do.  As huge introvert—but a great listener and trustworthy supporter—I truly dislike sharing anything about myself.  So it’s a valid if not valuable exercise . . . providing a few non-known facts, scary as that is.  It’s wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Here they are in random order:

My very first job (at 14) was working at the CNE.  I helped little kids into antique cars that traveled along a winding track.

Once-upon-a-time I acquired a film degree.  It served well as drawer liner.

I adore animals and one day plan to be a Pet-Rescue Mom.

I hate the cold, but will walk miles to and from work or the gym, or on an errand run, through -30C weather.

Can’t stand having pics taken—hence, there are only three that you’ll see (in design and color variations).

My first job after university was in the music industry.  Many would have given their eye teeth to meet the celebs I had; I’d have given mine not to.  Dinosaur-sized egos are not my cup of tea.

I never said/say no to trying new things.  Kangaroo and turtle, anyone?

Tattoos stopped at #14 two decades ago . . . but a re-interest has recently resurfaced.  Hmm.  May #15 be around the corner?

For the first time, courtesy of this list, I readily admit—I have suffered from bouts of depression.

While on a serious note . . . I did try to take my life when I was in my early 20s (doctors were amazed I survived).  It’s a chapter in my life that will likely be featured in a book . . . somewhere down that road some call Life’s Highway.

I suck at—and hate—math and anything numerically-oriented.  Stats and budgets?  I’d rather trek uphill during the rainy season—with boots two sizes too large and a kayak on my shoulders.

My least favorite thing to eat: fiddlehead ferns.  Can you spell y-u-c-k!?

My most favorite thing to eat: berries of any kind.  (I love chocolate and cake, but I do tire of both.  But berries?  Never.  Yum!)

I could be easily manipulated.  Who needed to have a pierced nose?  I had a ring through mine.

A true Taurus, I’m as stubborn as an ox, mule, and badger combined.  (My horns can stay forever locked.)

Okay, if I’m going to be super honest/open . . . I had a nose job.  I’d been blessed with my father’s schnozz (which gave him character, but made me top-heavy).  Even if it’s been two decades since, I have to confess, I  [still] love, love, love my nose.

I always had a weight issue.  One day I jumped on the diet bandwagon (big time) and ended up with another issue at the opposite end of the spectrum.  That got sorted out and now I’m . . . okay.

I’ve always longed to live in the great U S of A and be an American.  While that’s nothing new, it’s something I need/want to restate.  And, despite the odds these days, I’m keeping the faith that it may just [indeedy-do] still happen.

Always loved traveling and exploring.  Places [still] on the list: Iceland, Australia, and Japan.

My favorite color: blue.  All shades save for navy and royal (ugh).

I don’t follow trends or fashion.  Never have; never will.

Being alone is something I’ve never feared.  In fact, I embrace it.

When I can’t make up my mind—or need guidance—I flip a coin.

Coincidences?  There are none.

I’m a great organizer . . . perhaps to an OCD level  Everything in its [proper] place.

There you have.  You know what?  It wasn’t that hard to do.  <LOL>

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