Our Non-P.I. Lives

A wee while ago, I was interviewed for a blog and shared a little about the Triple Threat gals personal lives: specifically my Cousin Reynalda and her BFF Linda, as well as mine. Here’s a bit more about what makes us tick (tick-tock-tick like a kooky cuckoo clock Cousin Reynalda might laughingly say).

TV and book private eyes are often portrayed as living glamorous and/or exciting lives.  In reality, the majority of investigative work is as routine as putting together a P&J sandwich.  That’s not to say there aren’t thrilling or even dangerous adrenalin-pumping moments, because there are!

But let me share steer clear of the professional and shed some personal insight—and not of the romantic sort, as there is none.  As Rey has frequently stated of late: men are as useful as broken doorknobs.  Linda and I don’t necessarily agree with the analogy, but we’ll attest that we have no interest in—or time for—serious commitments.

The three of us are as different as the Kardashians, and sometimes as silly and contentious as the Three Stooges.  No question, though: we do love and respect one another (most of the time).

Melodramatic Rey can lunge at someone or something like a finely-honed fencer.  She’s headstrong and pushy, but she can also prove loving and kind (not that she’d necessarily want people to view her that way).

Linda leans toward the academic and serious.  She loves to blog and is always eager to learn.  And is that gal fit!  Jillian Michaels has nothing on her.

I’ve been described as “determined”—like a dog with a bone.  When I latch onto something, I can’t let go, it’s true.  I enjoy jogging and boxing, and dislike swimming with a passion.  I suck at it, big time, but it’s a “must do” (that dogged side of me), so I’ll head to a pool when time allows.

The three of us have causes, too.

Saving the monk seal is Rey’s.  Maybe it’s that actress background, but she can cite facts without a blink or breath—such as how an already woefully declining Hawaiian monk seal population is being threatened by sharks, food limitations, marine debris, and shoreline habitat loss, among other things.  As a volunteer, she helps place signs, is happy to educate beach-goers, and even does beach clean-up (this from a woman who once wouldn’t be seen in public without a spanking new manicure).

Linda’s cause is homelessness, which continues to increase on Oahu.  Too many individuals and families live on the streets, in plastic tents and tiny shanties.  Some call the base of a banyan tree “home sweet home”.  This past January, she started assisting with the annual homeless count and is helping feed folks in a soup kitchen one afternoon a week.

My focus is animals.  Button, as you know, is a rescue crossbreed.  Since my first visit to the shelter, I’ve become acutely aware of animal abuse, which is both distressing and infuriating.  Happy to donate money, supplies and time, I also volunteer one day a week.

The three of us have come a long way since the move to the South Pacific.  We’ve developed professionally and have grown personally.  We love our private-eye careers, and we certainly love giving back.


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