Hey, it’s Rey today.  He-he.

Another Wednesday, another post.  Sometimes, it’s bleepin’ impossible to think of something new and fresh.  The Boss will attest to this . . . if she were around.  She’s “conveniently” found something to keep her busy today, so that’s why you have l’il ol’ me.

I was thinking maybe doing something on writing, but I’m not a professional writer, so I’ll leave it for someone who is.  Then, it hit me like a bug on a windshield when driving 80 mph on the freeway.  Why not post about things to do on hump day, or one of those days when you have time on your hands and no idea(s) how to spend that time.

I, personally, would spend it hitting sales—you know how much I love shoes, bags, and earrings, and any other items that have had their prices slashed.  Can you spell f-u-n?!  Other things: lounge around a pool or the beach, have a drink and people-watch, organize a get-together, watch a great movie or show.  Attend the theater or meet up with friends.  Read a play or audition for one.  I could go on, but those are my things.  So, here are a few that might appeal to you, and these are off the top of my head.

♥ walk, trek, climb, run  ♥ play a game  ♥ watch a movie/TV  ♥ read a book  ♥ start a diary; begin journaling  ♥ begin work on your great American novel  ♥ start a blog or website  ♥ figure out how to change/update your blog  ♥ create a list of things you are grateful for  ♥ take on a project (cleaning cupboards or closets, painting a room, whatever you’ve been putting off or considering)  ♥ taking the pet and/or kids out (find somewhere different and/or fun)  ♥ go to an amusement park and be a kid again  ♥ connect with friends (old and/or new)  ♥ get on social media; visit sites you’ve never been to  ♥ do a puzzle or crossword, or grab crayons and a coloring book  ♥ listen to music  ♥ go out and take photos  ♥ create recipes; cook something new/different  ♥ relax by taking a bubble bath or going to a spa (or seeing if a neighbor/relative will let you soak in their hot tub)  ♥ read the newspaper or a magazine  ♥ nap  ♥ start a garden in your backyard or plant something on the balcony . . .

It’s really not that hard to think of things to do.  It’s simply a matter of getting the ol’ gray matter functioning . . . as in, thinking.  Hey, there’s something to pass the time: make your own list.  I betcha can record an easy three-dozen things to do.  Then, all ya gotta do . . . is do

Happy Hump Day!

To-Do and Ta-Da . . . and a Big Fat Duh-Uh

The odd time I post about having a to-do list to ensure tasks and goals are met in a timely manner.  A good idea . . . often a necessary one.

Today, I haven’t got a to-do list.  No ta-da moments.  Just a rambling post.  Rambling because I’m having a “duh-uh” week.

Is it the heat/humidity?  The anxiety of never-ending mom-care?  The stress of the day (into night) job?  The desire to be walking along an oceanside beach, with no troubles or worries?  . . . The ultimate boredom of having the same routine day-in, day-out, not for months, but years?

It’s okay to have an off week or month.  Sometimes it’s just not there and there’s nothing we can do to make it happen.  So, we have to—pardon the clichés—go with the flow and roll with the punches.

And pray to the powers that be that all will [soon] fall into place.

Happy 4th of July, My oh My

Tomorrow is July 4th.  My oh my, what an awesome day indeed.  Hey, it’s Rey! 

We (JJ, Linda, and me)—the Triple Threat Investigation private eyes—are offering another humble but heartfelt post. 

Here’s to picnics and fireworks, music and sports, family and friends, and all those wonderful persons and fun events that make this day so special.  And here’s to all those amazing selfless and fearless souls who have kept—and continue to keep—this incredible country safe.

Happy July 4th!    

Happy Canada Day, Eh

This week marks two holidays—Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th)—times to reflect on the great countries we live in (and have fun while doing so).

Given tomorrow is July 1st, we (JJ, Rey and Linda)—the private eyes at the Triple Threat Investigation Agency—have opted to provide a simple but sincere post for our Canadian friends . . . Happy Canada Day!

Forever Poi, Oh Boy!

Our third official case as Oahu-based P.I.s, Forever Poi is available for 99 cents for a couple more days.  Oh boy, what a deal!  Hi there, it’s JJ today.

Poi is the fourth book, as an FYI, in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency mystery series.  We’re out to learn who burned down two art galleries . . . and left two bodies in the ashes.  There are a number of potential perps, each as intriguing (and treacherous) as the other. 

Here’s an excerpt:

“Why do you suppose he’s not returned calls?” Rey asked as we followed the Jag along Kapiolani, five cars behind. “Guilt? Sadness? A combination of?”

“Only he can answer that.”

“Who’s the woman looking very Audrey Hepburn?”

“The same one I’ve seen twice already.”

“But who is she?”

“Your guess is—”

“As good as mine, yeah.”

“Xavier mentioned a half sister. Maybe that’s her.”

“From what little I’ve seen, there’s absolutely no resemblance. James-Henri has a dumpling nose and a donut-round face.”

“And he has hazel eyes while hers are powder-blue,” I added. “I did say ‘maybe’.”

“She’s certainly very attractive. And that designer red lipstick is awesome.”

The sporty car pulled into one of three empty spaces before a row of unexceptional townhouse-condos near Ward and Prospect. Most had once been dusty pink and were now just plain dusty. I maneuvered into a parking spot on the street.

Rey scanned stores and checked her cell. “That’s Carlos’ place.”

“Really?” I looked at her, surprised. “How do you know?”

“Gail emailed just before you picked me up. She told me she’d be researching the two as soon as she got home, but had done some preliminary stuff and came across this address. Given his background and everything, she found it weird.” She appeared perturbed. “Not what you’d expect a successful gallery owner-slash-consultant to live in, is it?”

“He did have financial issues according to Ald.”

She gestured the duo. “They don’t appear to want to do much but yak and watch.”

“Maybe they know we’re back here.”

“Then why stop?”

“You got me,” I replied with a fleeting smile, keeping a vigilant eye on the two lest they shot off again.

“He must have a key.”

I concurred.

“It’s odd that Carlos lived here and James-Henri there. I mean, they were lovers, at least until recently. I can’t imagine one allowing the other to live in such a . . . a blah place.”

“Blah?” I grinned.

“Ugly. Cheap. It’s not in keeping with the lifestyle or persona he was projecting.”

“You mean successful gallery owner?” I asked dryly, noting that neither sportscar occupant appeared anxious or concerned.

Rey grunted into her cell when taiko drumming announced a call. “We got James-Henri and an Audrey Hepburn wannabe in sight. What’s up? You at the office?” She glanced at me and shrugged. After a few uh-huhs, she disconnected. “Lindy-Loo wants us to head home when we’re able.”

“Is she all right?”

“She’s something, that’s for sure,” my cousin replied flatly and gestured. “Our prey aren’t doing much.”

“Either are we,” I said regretfully.

“To hell with that.” With Reynalda Fonne-Werde melodramatic (reckless) flair, my cousin sprang from the Jeep and strode purposefully to the Jag.

I hope I’ve whet your whistle enough that you might want to check us out …


What a Joy – Forever Poi

… at 99 cents, that’s a simple joy, wouldn’t you say?  It’s Linda today.

From the 9th through the 13th, you can get the Triple Threat Investigation Agency’s third case—Forever Poi—for less than a dollar.

JJ, Rey, and I are hired by our new insurance adjuster friend, Xavier Shillingford, to determine who torched two upscale art galleries.  Sadly, a couple of bodies were found in the rubble: one of the owners and an aspiring art manager (also a queenpin in another life).

Are the arsonist and killer the same person?  And what about the motive?  Lover spurned?  Partner angry?  Insurance money?  Spite/vengeance?  In the search for answers, we encounter a few possible reasons, and several potential culprits.  Unfortunately, one or two of those ends up dead, which quickly removes them from the suspect list.  But there’s always someone else to add.

It’s as complicated a case as it is baffling, and we really have to work hard to figure out who’s who and what’s what.  Happily, we enjoy putting puzzle pieces together—even one of those 10,000-piece ones.  He-he-he.

Maybe you’d like to find out how we fare?  If so, please check us out here …


No Hocus Pocus to Focus

It’s JJ, hey (that so riles Rey when I do that, he-he).  The Boss is busy, so I volunteered to post today.  There are so many things one can write about—too many—so I had to give some thought to what’s on my mind these days. 

Staying focused (don’t ask why).  There’s no magic to finding your focus; it’s something you do.  I love this quote from Mark Twain, which I believe lends itself nicely to the intent of this post.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” 

Simply stated, yet perhaps not as simply done.  Nevertheless, the only way to make something happen, is to get started: focus, concentrate, encourage and inspire yourself.  Determine what it is you want or need to get done, plan it and do it.  And I’m not referring to writing, but anything you may desire to embrace in your life or hope to take up.

Rey and Linda and I put our heads together and came up with some ideas, hardly new and innovative ones, but definitely recognized and utilized.  These are in no order of importance or requirement. 

This doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.  Have a list and/or schedule.  Rey will attest to this, that having something planned or programed doesn’t work, as she prefers to be spontaneous.  I, on the other hand, will have a to-do list, while Linda will have a thorough agenda/timetable.  A plan of some sort, even if merely a few jotted points—key points or tasks—is worth taking the time to record, to serve as “reminders to be completed”. 

In terms of the recording the task [an all-encompassing word that sounds less cumbersome than “job” or “chore”], consider:

♦   what it is you want to accomplish / see done    ♦    the time factor involved (what is it and how does it need to be approached—over several hours, days) and schedule accordingly.

If you’re about to engage in said task—you’re striving to get that focus, uh, focused—make sure there are no distractions.  Depending on what you’re intending to do, find a quiet place and make sure you don’t have your phone around (it’s way too easy to find excuses to chat or text).  Avoid social media—unless that happens to be your focus, of course.

If you live with others, ask that they kindly respect your need for solitude for an hour, or whatever time you’ve allotted for yourself.

I like a Red Bull when I’m hunkering down to do something, but maybe a latte, coffee, or tea will do it for you.  Caffeine gives [me] that extra little “boost” of energy and, yes, clarity.

Take a break—to stretch your legs, grab a [wholesome] snack, re-focus—but don’t make it too long; otherwise, you may become unfocused.  But five minutes here and there can prove beneficial.

If there are a number of tasks, arrange them in terms of priority and similarity.  Given my own experience(s), I suggest [strongly] you don’t try to do a number at once.  One at a time—with full focus—works best.

There’s no hocus pocus, or magic trick; it’s a bit of logic (planning and approach), a touch of commitment/perseverance (sticking with it), and a little determination (it will get done).


Dialogue Tags, You Say?

Another short give-thought-to post, this one about dialogue tags (again).  

Notice the difference:

He said, “I’ll see it’s done.  And quickly.”

“I’ll see it’s done.  And quickly,” he said.

Either one is fine.  They could, of course <he-he> use a bit more description, such as:

Narrowing his beetle-black eyes, he said solemnly, “I’ll see it’s done.  And quickly.”

“I’ll see it’s done.  And quickly,” he said solemnly, narrowing his beetle-black eyes.

What we don’t want to see?

He said.  “I’ll see it’s done.  And quickly.”

“I’ll see it’s done.  And quickly.”  He said.

Only capitalize if the dialogue tag can sit on its own as a sentence.  As a tag, it takes a comma.

So, no to:

“He’ll be attending the festivities.”  Sally said.

But yes to . . .

“He’ll be attending the festivities,” Sally smiled.

“He’ll be attending the festivities.” Sally smiled.

Both work in this case.  Why?  In the first tag, she’s smiling as she’s saying this.  In the second, she smiles after she says this.

And tags don’t necessarily have to go at the end or the beginning; they can go in the middle.

“He’ll be attending the festivities,” Sally explained, “and then leaving for Paris on the midnight flight.”

We’ll return to dialogue tags again as they seem to be a “nebulous” area for some.  

Like this post, keep it simple . . . and always check on-line when in doubt.  Ensure your final product—yes, I say this a lot, but it’s so very true—is as professional as it can be.

The Second has been Beckoned

The second day of the free Can You Hula like Hilo Hattie promotion has arrived—beckoned like a mound of banana-mango shave ice on a 90-degree day.

Hula marks our first official—paying—case as private investigators.  My best friend, Rey, and her cousin, JJ, have been hired to find out what a millionaire’s pretty, young wife is up to.  Unfortunately, before we discover what that is, she’s found swimming in the ocean . . . face down.

Our case takes us to a variety of places, some dingy, some dangerous.  We meet gang members, drug dealers, and a druggie (who we attempt to get back on the straight and narrow).  JJ also meets a dark and handsome stranger who fixates on her.

A few bodies cross our paths, too, and we scramble to piece together a rather bizarre puzzle.  It’s a wild ride, as Rey just said (with a slap to the back and a theatrical  wink), or madcap as JJ just threw out (with a thumb’s up).  <LOL>

Maybe you’d like to check out how our professional sleuthing skills develop?  What have you got to lose?  Not one penny . . . because it’s free.

Aloha Sunday.


The “H” Word

One more “personal” post – one that seemed an appropriate accompaniment and finale—to the previous two.

My mom’s newly diagnosed dementia (the “d” word) has added to the anxiety factor, this I’ve readily admitted.  That it appears to be spiraling isn’t helping, alas.  Support (the “s” word) is forthcoming, but not to the degree I want or require.  Nevertheless, it’s a start.  A baby step or two . . . those I used to write about. 

Today’s “h” word . .


On a self-centered “me” level, I hope that I am free of mom-care soon; after so many years, exhaustion and depression aside, I do believe I am entitled to have a life of my own.  Moreover, it’s better she be in long-term care; they can provide around the clock assistance and at a level so much more superior and professional to mine.

On an all-encompassing level, I hope that the world returns to relative normalcy sooner than later (world peace, and all that, would be welcome, too, but I won’t push it).  It’s hard to believe that COVID-19 has been around so very long and, now, its variants have entered the scene.  Several months ago, we’d hoped for a vaccine; they now exist.  Let’s further hope that the vaccine(s) are available [more] quickly, that they work well, and that the virus(es) are eventually eradicated.


Hope keeps us going.  It enables us to: 

♦  have dreams and pursue them  ♦ believe anything is possible   ♦  keep going (despite odds and challenges)  ♦  stand tall and strong, and  ♦  maintain faith.

WPhope2There are different ways to boost hope.  I do it through writing/blogging (this post “voices” my hope and inspires me to persevere).   Having someone to talk (vent) helps.  Sometimes, music can do the trick; a certain song will bring a smile to these usually taut lips and, suddenly, there is a glow, a soft amber light, at the end of that very long, proverbial tunnel.  For others, a book or movie/show may do it, too.  So could prayer, dancing, walking, singing . . . it’s merely a matter of finding what inspires your hope.

With that, I’ll leave you with a simple yet compelling quote (one I’m particularly fond of) from anti-apartheid and human rights activist, cleric and theologian, Desmond Tutu . . .

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.