A Personal Push on the Professional Side

A petite promotional post.  A phantastic update. 😊

Firstly, The Triple Threat Investigation Agency series, Books 1-3—Collection—is available at:


Books 1to3 A

But the pretty private eyes, based in Hawaii, are also part of The Leading Ladies: A Sleuth Mystery Novel Collection.  I’m in the amazing company of Robin Murphy and Connie L. Beckett.

Robin is an Amazon best-selling author of a paranormal mystery series, and also writes chick-lit and non-fiction. She’s a speaker on author platforms, self-publishing, and marketing … among many other impressive things.

Connie writes in a variety of genres, no easy feat.  In addition to historical fantasy and middle-grade novels (as Teter Keyes), she’s penned the Gwen Lindstrom mystery series, which revolve around a cafe owner who works behind the scenes to investigate crimes.

You can find “our” book here:


Collection A

The main marketplaces for distribution (besides Amazon, of course) are Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. Just a note, though: these links are a work-in-progress and all marketplaces might not be included yet.

Over time, Next Chapter will expand this link to include as many different editions of my books as possible, including audiobook, and various paperback and hardcover editions.

If you’ve read any of the books—from any of us—(or intend to, which would be most awesome), perhaps you’d be willing to leave a review in any of the marketplaces … ?


What an unexpected—and most pleasant—surprise.  The Connecticut Corpse Caper is available in Spanish!  Me encanta


La Trampa del Cadáver de Connecticut (Los Misterios de Triple Amenaza Libro 1) has been added to Next Chapter’s distribution platform.  So, besides Amazon, La Trampa will soon be available in many main marketplaces, including: Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play.


The plan, over time, is to have as many different editions as possible, including audiobooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers.  So, I guess I’m back on the promo trail.  😉  Haven’t been there in a long, long time.  Wish me luck!

Here’s the link:


If you have a second, please take a look . . . and do feel free to offer feedback.  😊  Muchas gracias mis amigos.

Head Scratching

 . . . trying to figure out what today’s post should be about.  My onward move to getting my life organized [finally]?  My snail-slow progress re the sixth book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series? The new merch for two of the books?

Two plush velveteen blankets, by the by.  It’s unfortunate I’m not crazy about the covers (though “Forever Poi” isn’t too bad); I might be tempted to invest $62 in one.  Well, if I win the lottery, perhaps I’d just spend a few hundred and buy one of everything—new décor for the newly painted apartment.  😉


I am so NOT anywhere near where I’d hoped to be with my blog and book.  Of course, things have been crazy-busy [but aren’t they always, one way or another?].  There’s a part of me that would love to retire and focus solely on my writing and editing; I’d enjoy that.  But maybe my body would go into [extreme] shock if I weren’t working like a madwoman 24/7, as it has been for decades. 

I envy writers and bloggers who write profound and/or enlightening posts.  Truly.  I believe I’m a very good editor and writer, but the latter only in terms of my books.  When it comes to conceiving concepts for posts, much less writing them, I suck.  Big time.  I’m like the deer in the middle of the freeway, caught in the Mack truck headlights. 

Hats off to my fellow writers; keep writing and entertaining/educating me.  Maybe your proficiency/talent/cleverness will one day rub off on me.  😉  In the meanwhile, I’ll just keep scratching my head and hoping something—any little something—will pop into my head so that I can provide a not overly dull/unimaginative post. 

The Art of Self-Promotion

. . . is a true art . . . one I really really need to learn.

Of course, for me, it’s always a time factor.  And I’ve relayed the reasons too many [annoying] times.  😉  If I could have one full free day—heck, I’d settle for a free [full] afternoon—I might be able to do something.  But I’m constantly pulled in too many directions for too many reasons.  And I’m sure many of you are in the same boat, so you get it.

One thing I’m looking to do is a promotional trailer for the series.  I saw one recently by fellow author Janeen Ann O’Connell that had me envious; I’d love to see JJ, Rey, and Linda—the pretty private eyes from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency—“advertise”.

I’m sure Janeen won’t mind me sharing—have a look:


Cool, huh?  She did it through Flexclip (www.flexclip.com) and I took a quick gander at the site.  I like what I see, and I’m going to give it a go . . . I think, I hope, I think.

I have to confess, I get nervous re signing up for something.  Guess it’s an age thang.  Dang.

I’ll have to review it more and then, inevitably, for a few weeks I’ll go through the should-I-do-it-or-not hem-and-haw routine.  I suppose it’s the “fine print” that always worries me.  Am I going to be hit up for [serious] money?  The site says the free version of FlexClip is “free and voluntary, but you may be required to register and create an account . . . “.  But then they mention you may have to provide contact number, email address, and “other details”.  I suppose it’s par for the course with any site that you create an account on . . . but this ol’ gal, well, is an ol’ gal.  She leans towards leery—of anything.  <LOL>

Janeen spoke highly of FlexClip and her trailer cost her . . . $0.  So, once the hemming-and-hawing biz is over and done with, I’ll likely take a [real] deep breath and go for it.

On another promotional note, there are two more items available for The Connecticut Corpse Caper (Triple Threat Mysteries Book 1).

♥  A Matte Poster


♥  Playing Cards (Book Cover-Based)


Here’s to more goodies coming our way.  😉  The gals and I wish you an awesome week!

A Self-Promotional Post

Of sorts.  . . . Well, maybe more than that.  😉

Earlier in the week, I posted this on FB:

Surprise—to me!  My first book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency mystery series, The Connecticut Corpse Caper (Triple Threat Mysteries Book 1), has been made into . . . wow . . .  a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (cover-based).  What fun.


And there’s a coffee mug, too!


Mid-week, I discovered there were two more items available: a natural tote bag and a unisex T-shirt.



How exciting!  They’re all a little out of my price league <LMAO>, but I may purchase a few items when the opportunity to do a promotion re the Triple Threat Investigation Agency presents itself.

I suspect that may take place, hmm, sometime in summer.  I’d like to have Disco’s Dead and so is Mo-Mo be part of that.

I’m still working on Mo-Mo, but I am getting there.  I know who the killer is (finally) and the pretty private eyes are in the midst of figuring it out.  I’ve given myself a deadline: the book must be completed by February 28th (this year)!!!  😊

The Connecticut Corpse Caper was meant to be a standalone, but the trio were determined to become professional P.I.s and were not taking no for an answer.  I had to accommodate.  If you’re curious as to how it all began, with multiple murders in a haunted mansion during a winter storm, please check it out.  We’d love it if you did.

The First Post of 2023

Ahhhh, the multitude of conceivable/achievable topics.  What to write about?  My word.  Literally.

The Triple Threat Investigation Agency?  JJ, Rey, and/or Linda?  The TTIA book-in-the-works [for too long]?  Editing tips?  A review, perhaps?  Fellow writers and bloggers?  The options are truly endless.

What about focusing on keeping resolutions, like this new-year commitment to posting regularly [in this case, once a week now, instead of twice]?

The best course of action when there’s a profusion of possibilities—at least for this struggling-to-pick-a-subject blogger—is to place a pile of topics in a little chapeau, and pick one every week.  Sounds like a . . . sound plan.  😊

Given the pretty private eyes are on a bit of a hiatus as Disco’s Dead and so is Mo-Mo draws to an eventual conclusion (they’re as confused as to who the killer is as the author, LOL), perhaps a revisit to the world of writing might be a worthy venture to start 2023. 

Maybe new and young[er] writers don’t much care about grammar and punctuation, never mind how dialogue and dialogue tags work, but this ol’ editor does.  And if she can convince even one other person that they do count for something—such as pride and excellence, maybe? 😉—then her “homage” to writing/language rules will not be for naught. 

On Vacation

Something I never do is miss posting every Wednesday and Saturday (though I believe I had forgotten once, silly me).  Well, my friends, after years of working seven days a week and doing mom-care, I am taking vacation.

As such, there won’t be any posts for the next two Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I’d planned to post a photo daily while on said vacation, but have now decided to leave the old laptop at home.  I’m a workaholic so if it accompanies me, I suspect I’d be sitting at it more than I would be the beach.  😉

So, no posts, no photos, but I’ll have things to share upon return.

Where am I off to?  To visit my Triple Threat Investigation Agency private eyes on the lovely island of Oahu (I hope JJ, Rey, and Linda don’t mind, given I haven’t told them, LOL).


Three Times Not Shy

Given the promotion is still happening, I’m opting for a third [short and sweet] post . . .

1sataThe Triple Threat Mysteries Collection has been selected for an seasonal promotion in one of Next Chapter’s wide distribution marketplaces.

It’s running as part of the “Spooky Stories Promotion at Rakuten Kobo” from October 18th through the 24th.  There are a couple more days, so there’s nothing wrong with a reminder.  As an FYI, the promo price is $3.99.

Third post, Triple Threat, hmmm . . . a lucky number indeed.

♥ I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. – Mae West

Still Cartwheeling

0_hh_hous_fly2aWho doesn’t do a cartwheel when they’re feeling frighteningly fine?

As mentioned last weekend, The Triple Threat Mysteries Collection has been selected for an seasonal promotion in one of Next Chapter’s wide distribution marketplaces.

It’s running as part of the “Spooky Stories Promotion at Rakuten Kobo”.

The promotion dates are October 18th to October 24th and the promotion price is $3.99.  So, given it’s still on, I thought I’d post a teeny-weeny reminder.

halloween-skeleton-3Perhaps you might check it out . . . ?  😊


Hey there.  The audiobook for HA-HA-HA-HA, the fifth in the Oahu-based Triple Threat Investigation Agency series (featuring private eyes JJ, Rey, and Linda) can be downloaded from Audible . . . and will be live in Amazon and iTunes in the next 72 hours.

HA-HA-HA-HA finds the three women on a serial killer’s buddy list.  When he’s not taunting them, he’s challenging them to “play the game”—by his rules.  Rules are made to be broken, however—or, at the very least, changed.  The trio attempt to determine who he might be . . . not an easy feat, given the lack of constructive evidence and cast of oddball characters. As they endeavor to stop the man from killing again, they must solve a couple of other cases: verifying whether a hubby has a roving eye and ascertaining who is stalking a young, beautiful woman.  Could it be that these two cases somehow intertwine?  And who will prove the ultimate winner in this deadly game of taunts and perplexities: the clever and cunning killer, or the persevering and persistent private eyes?

These are the official Audible links and coupon codes are available for both (US and UK):

US: https://www.audible.com/pd/B0B9HX1PLX/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-318953&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_318953_rh_us

UK: https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/B0B9HY4WZ7/?source_code=AUKFrDlWS02231890H6-BK-ACX0-318953&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_318953_rh_uk

Please note that the coupon codes can only be used using these acx-promo links.

Contact me if you’d like one.  😊

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