Another Day, Another Plug

Hey, it’s Rey again.  It’s the second day for the free/discount promotion re The Connecticut Corpse Caper.

Caper was our first unofficial case.  Cousin Jilly (JJ), my BFF Linda, and I caught the private-eye bug solving a trying (bizarre) series of murders at our Aunt Mat’s haunted mansion.

A bunch of us were there to collect a share of her inheritance.  We had to stay a week and if anyone bailed out, their share went into the pot.  Well, we weren’t even there half-a-day when someone breathed his last, thanks to a little help (can you spell p-o-i-s-o-n?).  The three of us decided to do some snooping, er, sleuthing, and with a lot of trial and error, solved the “case”.

Promotion price?  F-R-E-E  (like, how much better can it get?)

Promotion dates:  May 10 – May 14 2020

Continue to be well—and see you all tomorrow.

NOTE: $0.99 promotions are active only in the US and UK stores. FREE promotions are active in all Amazon marketplaces.

Our First Caper

Hey, it’s Rey.  I’m taking over the The Connecticut Corpse Caper promo posts; Linda and JJ will do the others.

 So-o, let me give you a brief rundown on The Connecticut Corpse Caper—our first caper, er, case (unofficial, of course). It  launched our professional P.I. careers, mostly thanks to me (it was my idea, after all).  Anyway, it is available for a discount / free promotion beginning today, hooray!  That’s May 10th for those not following calendars.

How did I get the idea?  Blame it on a crazy week at eccentric Aunt Mat’s haunted mansion.  A number of folks can inherit a nice bit of money (JJ and me included) if we stay the course.  If one decides to leave, the inheritance is divided between those who remain.  Before we know it, someone dies at dinner . . . and then a few more bodies drop and weird shenanigans occur.  We put on amateur sleuth hats and solve the crazy caper.

♦  Promotion price?  F-R-E-E  (ya can’t beat that)

♦  Promotion dates:  May 10 – May 14 2020

Take care—see ya again tomorrow!

NOTE: $0.99 promotions are active only in the US and UK stores. FREE promotions are active in all Amazon marketplaces.

Shame on Me . . . Again!?

T’is true—t’is time again to do some shameless self-promotion.  Which begins <drum roll> tomorrow.

The gals from The Triple Threat Investigation Agency will take over after today—they have no cases and are looking for things to do.  And Rey’s proven quite the blogging/posting enthusiast this year (so expect her tomorrow).

The Connecticut Corpse Caper—which launched the professional P.I. careers of JJ, Rey, and Linda—will be available for a discount / free promotion beginning May 10th.

A crazy week at a haunted mansion—where a number of individuals can inherit a nice bit of money if they stay the course—results in a few murders and bizarre shenanigans.  JJ (Jill), Rey, and Linda, don amateur sleuth hats and determine to solve the crazy, complex caper. 

Promotion price?  F-R-E-E (sounds good to me)

Promotion dates:  May 10 – May 14 2020

Won’t you please help us boost our Popularity Index (PI)?

WPMay9IIFrom the four of us, a big most grateful thank you!

NOTE: $0.99 promotions are active only in the US and UK stores. FREE promotions are active in all Amazon marketplaces.

Bliss as a Blogger

So yesterday was my b-day.  And, as many of us do when another year comes and goes, I felt compelled to reflect on all that I’ve achieved over the years . . . since I started blogging (let’s leave writing/authoring, and personal growth, for other posts).

There’d been another blog site prior to this one—can’t even recall the name of it (I’d deleted it, silly me).  Had one follower.  The posts were a “potpourri” of thoughts and musings about everything and anything.  I thought some were very good.  Yes, most silly me for deleting it.  Live and learn.  Always.

When I first learned about blogging—posting one’s work for the world to read—I was intimidated.  Really?  You mean someone might actually want to read my stuff?  Somebody, a total stranger, may be tempted to react/comment?  (A bit naïve, but hey, we develop at different junctures).

Even if I only had one follower, the first blog wasn’t a failure.  I acquired a working knowledge of links and imbedding, GIFs and other media tools.  Trial and error helped immensely; nothing like screwing up big time to learn what not to do in future.

I’m happy with this current blog, although I recognize it needs a major face-lift, a goal I’d set two-some years ago.  So I state the same today as I’ve stated in past . . . that I [still] want to add editing and proofing services.  And yes, definitely (!), I must be more pro-active re networking.  Time, however, is not something I have much of—those of you who know and/or follow me, understand why.  So, patience is a virtue and, as such, I must be a paragon.  All will transpire when the cosmos decrees (or I win the big lotto pot).

Yup, another year has come and gone, and I’m still rather where I was when I first started.  Regardless, I pat myself on the back for the editing and writing advice and tidbits I’ve been able to provide; hopefully, some of you have found them of value.  And I pat my Triple Threat Investigation Agency private eyes—JJ, Rey, and Linda—on the backs, too.  They’ve posted numerous times on my behalf, and awesomely I might add.

For those of you toying with the idea of a blog, but haven’t yet taken that first step, I highly recommend you do.  It’s fun and therapeutic.  It can prove a sanctuary (it certainly has for me).  It gets the ol’ gray matter (and in my case, it truly is “ol’”) whirling and twirling.  You’ll meet some fantastic fellow bloggers along the way and discover like-minded communities.

I’ve found definite bliss as a blogger.  As they once said, it’s boss!  ♥

Staying Scissorsously Sane

Hey, it’s Rey, ever happy to post on behalf of our boss.  Linda’s too busy trying new iced-tea concoctions and baking cupcakes (her new thing) while JJ’s decided to try her hand at painting, watercolors primarily.  She’s not a bad sketcher, so let’s see how she does with brushes and colors.  The kitchen and lanai are off limits for me today.  So, here I am, tap-tap-tapping the laptop . . . and the table top . . . as I think of ideas.

To be honest, I’ve been blanking out re what I’d post about.  The Boss is the writer and editor, so she can focus on the dos and don’ts of authoring when she returns from another meltdown (just a minor one this time).  Linda’s all about wine and food, but she’s too busy deciding if thyme and cilantro work with white chocolate.  JJ’s not up for sharing P.I. stories or painting tips today.  So-o what’s a gal to do . . . but tap-tap-tap?

I could share the hair-dye episode.  You know how during lockdown they’ve been saying don’t buy box-color to touch up your roots if you’ve been having your hair done at a salon?  Well, the three of us were getting antsy about our expanding roots and decided we would prove the “advisers” wrong.  Linda volunteered to be the first, so JJ and I found color that looked like her raspberry-red shade.  Uh, it turned out a more a damson-plum purple—at least on the roots.  The formerly raspberry-red locks ended up a unique blend of grape and barberry.

It’s okay, though.  Linda’s no longer sobbing or ranting, and my cousin and I managed to seize the scissors before she cut too much hair off . . . or came after us.

So, back to the post.  How about keeping it simple?  I’ll share what songs are inspiring the three of us right now—as we lounge on the lanai and organize the ohana, or chat online with colleagues and chums


She still loves (never tires of) Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World”.  Hawaiian-born IZ, as he’s better known, left us much too young, but his fantastic music lives on forever.  His songs, and amazing ukulele playing, made—still make—this a wonderful world!


“Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves, a former British-American rock band, makes her smile and dance, like everywhere, including on the lawn!  It’s a feel-good song that makes you know that all will [eventually] be okay.  Yeah, it does date back to ’85, but it still sounds fresh and fun.

Me (Rey):

“Ave Maria” by Il Volo.  You laugh?  (Yeah, so did JJ and Linda.)  I know, I know, it’s not my type of song of music—not even my century!—but when I first heard it a month ago, it really touched me.  I listen to it every morning now when I get up.  It’s so beautiful.  And I won’t share this with everyone, but it makes me feel, well, real humble.  (And, you know, those Il Volo guys are not bad on the eyes, either.  Be still, my beating heart.)

Take care, friends and followers.  Listen to [sensible/rational] advice out there, and follow it as you will.  Most importantly, be safe and well!

More Me, Me, Me . . . Can You Stand it?

He-he.  As an FYI, as part of the REV7 marketing platform, Next Chapter has opened their own Pinterest boards for showcasing Next Chapter books and authors . . . such as yours truly.

New content is added weekly and all Next Chapter books will be included on their boards as soon as possible.

Next Chapter’s Pinterest boards have grown rapidly and reach thousands of viewers every month.  Thousands?  The private eyes at the Triple Threat Investigation Agency and I think that would be super awesome. WPPin5

Now, if only we could figure out Pinterest; it’s about as clear as Instagram.  (Can you spell m-u-d?)

Take care everyone!

Mi-Mi-Mi . . . Me-Me-Me

This is one of those shameless self-promotion posts about . . . me, me, me.

WPNextChapter1My author page is now live on Next Chapter’s new website:

Feel free to explore the Triple Threat Investigation Agency mystery series directly on the book pages, which include free previews of all the books (The Connecticut Corpse Caper, Can You Hula like Hilo Hattie, Coco’s Nuts, and Forever Poi.)

A new feature: there’s direct commenting on the author and book pages.  I can communicate directly with readers.  As Rey might say: gotta love that.

If you have a minute or two, perhaps you’d like to take a quick look-see?

Take care everyone—please continue to stay safe and be well!

A Simple Wednesday Morning Shameless Self-Promotion

The Boss has a lot on her plate re the 9-to-5 and mom-care right now, so the three of us engaged in “rock paper scissors” to see who’d post today.  Linda won, but managed to bang up her finger (and her temperament).  Rey’s feeling fairly fatigued so, you have me, JJ, today. 

The post isn’t about me or the agency, but about our boss.  Her building has a monthly newsletter and they featured a brief, informative interview written by the lovely fellow dweller, Judith Michael.  It certainly helped rally her flagging spirits. So, I thought I’d share it here . . . because I’m all for some simple shameless self-promotion (even if it’s for someone else).

The WestClair’s Writer:  Tyler Colins

Look no further than The WestClair to find Tyler Colins, our resident writer.  While Tyler has written both fiction and non-fiction, her focus is on writing mysteries.  She has completed four books in the Triple Threat Mysteries and is well into writing the fifth.

The series centers around three strong female private investigators with distinct and unique personalities. According to Tyler, JJ, the narrator, is calm, mature, and thoughtful.  Her cousin Rey is brash, impetuous, melodramatic, and “won’t take ‘no’ for an answer”.  Rey’s best friend Linda, is smart and a little “nerdy”.

Tyler gravitated to the Triple Threat saying, “I liked the characters or they liked me . . . they wanted me to be their boss”. Of the three women, Tyler’s favourite is Rey because “I want to be her.”

When asked to describe “the unique voice” of her writing style, Tyler likened it to “a 1950’s lounge – easy going, beatnik, laid back, with a cool feel”.  The laid-back vibe of her writing is in contrast to the busyness of Tyler’s life. In addition to writing, she edits fiction for a company in Japan, has a full-time job in human resources, and looks after her mother.

You can find out more about Tyler’s work on her blog Her books can be purchased from Amazon and some will be available from The WestClair Library when the second-floor lounge reopens. It’s best to begin with The Connecticut Corpse Caper, the first of the Triple Threat Mysteries and initially written as a stand-alone book.     as written both fiction and non-fiction, her focus is on writing mysteries.  She has completed four books in the Triple Threat Mysteries and is well into writing the fifth.

WPallselfThe series centers around three strong female private investigators with distinct and unique personalities. According to Tyler, JJ, the narrator, is calm, mature, and thoughtful.  Her cousin Rey is brash, impetuous, melodramatic, and “won’t take ‘no’ for an answer”.  Rey’s best friend Linda, is smart and a little “nerdy”.

Thanks so much, Judith!  The gals and I are very appreciative.

Continue to stay safe, everyone.

The Sun always Rises

You have the three of us today.  Hey, it’s Rey!

No, this isn’t a post about Hemingway (Linda told me my title was similar to the title of one of his books).  If you’ve been following our FB (The Triple Threat Investigation Agency) page, you know we’ve spent the week pretty much on the lanai.  Oh, we’re doing some work—whatever’s doable—and drinking lots of iced tea, which I personally hate.  Linda’s been busy creating new blends (keeps her busy, she says).  The latest concoction—fusion, as my BFF calls it—is lavender-fennel.  With sprigs of dill, no less.  It’s . . . interesting (and let’s leave it at that).

Besides watching some mind-numbing TV—you know, I kinda wish I’d opted to become a game-show model (I like the clothes)—and over-grooming the kids, we’ve been reading a lot.  Me Nancy Drew, Linda philosophy and English lit stuff (can you spell y-a-w-n?), and JJ everything and anything in the news.  Who’d ever have guessed life could be put on lock-down hold?

Given the hope-related posts on FB all week, we thought we’d stay on a similar theme and each provide a current favorite quote—one that’s kinda inspiring us right now.

Linda:   I have to go with Helen Keller’s “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”  Clear and clever.  Never give into negativity or the dark side(s) of life.

JJ:   Winston Churchill said it succinctly well.  “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”  Remaining optimistic, no matter what adversity faces us, is tantamount to overcoming [any and all] obstacles.

Me-Rey:   As a part-time actress, I have to go with Milton Berle.  “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  We—you, me—have the ability to make things happen.  Don’t ever doubt that.

Continue to stay safe, be smart, and keep the faith.  The sun does always rise . . . sometimes with breathtaking results.

Take care, dear friends.

No Aversion to Diversions

It’s Linda posting today.  The Boss is helping us close the current case, HA-HA-HA-HA, while simultaneously working on an editing project and doing the 9-to-5.  (At least she got over that t.p. obsession, though now she does seem to be  fanatically focused on finding sanitizer products.)

Rey, JJ and I are sitting on the lanai again.  It’s nice and quiet, save for the neighbor who decided to start a self-reno project, given he’s got a lot of time on his hand.  The banging and clanging are a bit annoying, but nothing compared to the cussing when he hammers his finger.

The three of us at the Triple Threat Investigation Agency are still finding diversions—besides blogging and reviewing, I’m taking an on-line course on pet grooming, inspired by JJ’s gawd-awful “spruce up” of Button a few days ago.  The poor dear’s still wearing that woe-is-me look.  A dog with a mullet; who knew it was possible?  JJ’s reviewing crime stories for the agency website.  And Rey’s still reading Nancy Drew books, with great enthusiasm I might add.  She’s been enacting scenes for us.  Hey, it passes the time.

Considering there’s not much happening, I’ve no aversion to another diversion.  So here you go, dear friends, another excerpt from HA-HA-HA-HA.

Continue to stay safe and healthy!

“Nice flowers,” Rey commented, peering over my shoulder at the gold-flecked carton that had just arrived at the agency. 

It was a few minutes after noon and Linda had joined Mink for a casual lunch in the doggy-wear designer’s office.  I’d declined as I’d already picked up shrimp won-ton mein at a noodle house across the street and Rey had passed with a monotone “not hungry”.  Whether that was because she wasn’t a fan of Mink or the fact her BFF and Mink were becoming good pals remained to be seen.

She dropped onto the rattan sofa beside me with a thud.

“Hey, we can’t afford to replace broken furniture,” I chided.

“You going to open that?”  She poked the carton with a long apple-red fingernail.

“My, my, my.  Aren’t we curious?”

“We are.  Now, open it!”

Chuckling, I untied the satin ribbon.  Inside, wrapped in lightweight tissue were twelve long-stem crimson roses.

“Nice.”  Her tone was flat, her gaze narrowed.  “What about the card?”

I passed it.  “You do the honors.”

She unsealed the small gilt-edged envelope like a pro.  “Lovely flowers for lovely ladies.”  She turned it over and shrugged.  “Looks like you have—hold on, it says ‘ladies’.  But the delivery was to you.”

“Looks like we have a secret admirer.”

She frowned.  “They’re roses.”

“But they’re not black,” I said with a tight smile.

Her frown deepened.  “You think they might be from GRP?”

“It’s possible, but I’d expect him to enclose a taunting or sinister message.  And the flowers would be black, or close to.”  I shrugged.  “These could be from a former client or a mischievous friend.”

“Our few friends don’t have money to blow on high-end roses,” she stated, eyeing them circumspectly.  “Maybe a client.”

I stood.  “May as well put them in a vase.”

“We don’t have one.”

“Then I’ll run down to the little trading shop next door and buy one.  They’re too pretty to let wither.”

“Take ‘em home.”  She smiled faintly.  “The place could use some color.”

“They still need water until we leave.”

She shrugged and started to remove them from the box—and shrieked.  “Shit.  I forgot about thorns.”

But it wasn’t a thorn that was sticking from a bleeding finger when she held it up—but a mini razor blade for a snap-blade knife.

She looked at me crossly.  “You were sayin’ something about friends?”