Coco’s Nuts, Day Three,  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It’s Day Three of the 99-cent Coco’s Nuts promo.

Coco’s Nuts, the third mystery in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series, finds the three newbie private eyes—JJ, Rey, and Linda—entrenched in their second assignment: proving socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer didn’t murder her boss, infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo.

Despite what the evidence says, JJ, Rey and Linda are convinced that Buddy has been set up.  In their search for the truth, JJ, Rey and Linda deal with several suspects.  A number of persons hated Picolo enough to kill him, but locating the one who pulled the trigger is difficult.

Their detecting travels lead them along a few detours—like the world of gambling and the collectors who skulk in the shadows.  What of nutty Coco Peterson, a Picolo employee who has been MIA since the murders occurred?  The odd little fellow has been missing since his boss’ murder.

Why was Buddy’s best friend gunned down a few days after Picolo?  For that matter, why did someone pump a few bullets into Picolo’s assistant?  Exploding bombs suggest the Triple Threat Investigation Agency trio have asked one too many questions.  Hopefully, they’ll find answers before the private eyes themselves blow up.

To complicate matters, the ever-enigmatic Cash Layton reenters JJ’s life.  Solving the current case is challenging enough, never mind having to figure out what the arrogant undercover cop / drug dealer is all about.

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Forever Poi, Hope you Enjoy . . .

. . . the third case the private eyes from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency.  It’s the last day of the 99-cent Forever Poi promo.

Who set fire to two up-and-coming art galleries and left two charred bodies in the rubble?  It’s a complex/complicated case, but the trio—JJ, Rey, and Linda—is up for the challenge!

They sift through a long list of potential suspects and find many reasons—and secrets—for the murders of the two unfortunate victims.  Two angry ex-hubbies reveal an intriguing and dangerous side to a beautiful diva.  Lusting lovers aim to please, regardless of the nature of the request.  A trip to Chicago results in a former enemy making a return.  And an arrogant “sometimes boyfriend” makes a reappearance.

If you’d like to see how the private eyes do, please check them out:

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