Living the Life Being Live

HA-HA-HA-HA, the Triple Threat Investigation Agency’s latest case, is now live on Next Chapter’s new website:

You can begin reading the book directly on this page . . . and, if your curiosity is piqued, there are purchase links in the beginning and end if you decide to buy and continue reading the book.

A quick blurb . . .

The pretty P.I.s from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency—JJ, Rey, and Linda—have a new [non-paying] case, thanks to a serial killer who has taken a serious interest in them.  The GrimReaperPeeper has challenged them to “play the game”, by his rules.

Rules are made to be broken, however—or, at the very least, changed.

Baffled, the trio attempt to determine who he might be . . . not an easy feat, given the lack of constructive evidence and cast of oddball characters. As they endeavor to stop the man from killing again, they must solve a couple of other cases: verifying whether a hubby has a roving eye and ascertaining who is stalking a young, beautiful woman.

Could it be that these two cases somehow intertwine?  And who will prove the ultimate winner in this deadly game of taunts and perplexities: the clever and cunning killer, or the persevering and persistent private eyes?

Another feature on the page: direct commenting on my book pages, which allows us to communicate directly.  Perhaps you’d like to offer feedback . . . ?

Aloha from JJ, Rey, and Linda!