Doldrums Drum Roll

Now there’s a word you don’t hear to often anymore: doldrums.

For those unfamiliar with it, it refers to a period of despondency or lethargy . . . a state of inertia, sluggishness . . . unproductivity.

I’m feeling a bit unproductive these days—too much on my plate (mentally and physically).  So, it seemed worth pursuing in a post . . . again.  <LOL>

The first thing you/we should do is embrace it, acknowledge it.  Then, determine how to move on . . . even if only via a baby step or two.

Try to stick with (get back to) the daily schedule.  Sure, lying in bed with the covers pulled over your/our head is comfy-cozy, or sitting in a much-loved armchair watching TV, can help—to a degree.  But ignoring the inevitable, what’s happening, can only be done for so long.  Better to face it and take control, than letting it take the reins.

Taking a walk, or doing something “active”, helps.  Movement works wonders for crushing lethargy and getting the thought process functioning again.

Go somewhere: check out a park, stroll through a cemetery (they’re very relaxing), go to the lake,  see a new part of town, visit a museum or gallery, have lunch in an unknown café.  Being in a different environment can prove bolstering.

Make contact.  Visit a friend, chat with a coworker, or sit in a coffee shop or snack bar.  Go to the gym or the mall.  Be around people.  That human interaction, “energy”, could be just what the doctor prescribed.

How about learning something new?  Maybe go on-line and read something you normally wouldn’t . . . like boosting lethargy.  Find something that interests you, that pulls you into another realm.  Look into books, articles, blogs; the sky’s the limit.

Maybe you could volunteer somewhere?  Taking an hour or two a week to offer assistance to an organization in need is great.  This is something I’d love to do, but am unable to, given my current situation.  But the feeling of extending a hand to someone—wow.  That has to boost flagging spirits.

Eating chocolate or red-velvet cake (my favorite)—or whatever food brings you pleasure—is fine.  Enjoy something fun, something you love.  Then, get back to healthier foods, ones that fuel your body and mind.

And, on that note—big drum roll—I’m going to make myself a big, veggie-laden salad . . . to be followed by a Fry’s Turkish Delight.  Nummmmmmmmm.