Tough Times

The Boss is going through a particularly tough time right now.  Hey, it’s Rey.  And Linda, hi.  And JJ, hey-ho.

Although she’s managing (just) to get through the regular responsibilities of the daily job, her mom-care tasks and obligations are taking their toll.  There are numerous issues, and they won’t be listed but, suffice it to say, it’s all proving beyond exhausting.

Her mom will be going into long-term care, but not right away—there’s a list.  The stress is pretty intense now, as is the depression.  We know she has days where she, the sole caregiver, wonders if she’ll get through it all. 

Yes, there are PSWs, but only for a total of four hours a week; given her mom won’t allow them to do one thing, save chat, having them is of little value-add.  The situation is neither comfortable nor pleasant.

A head’s up: the posts may be short(er) than usual.  Perhaps she’ll only say “hi, I’m still here” and that’ll be all, but she’ll give it everything she’s got to ensure there are Wednesday and Saturday posts.

Life is not always easy, and sometimes it seems tougher than tough to roll with the punches and go with the flow.  But, somewhere, sometime, that little light at the end of the long dark tunnel does offer a little glimmer—of hope and promise.

To all those going through tough times, hang in.  Accept the trials and tribulations as tests and lessons; they make you stronger . . . and tougher.  You can do it.