Hey, it’s Rey today.  He-he.

Another Wednesday, another post.  Sometimes, it’s bleepin’ impossible to think of something new and fresh.  The Boss will attest to this . . . if she were around.  She’s “conveniently” found something to keep her busy today, so that’s why you have l’il ol’ me.

I was thinking maybe doing something on writing, but I’m not a professional writer, so I’ll leave it for someone who is.  Then, it hit me like a bug on a windshield when driving 80 mph on the freeway.  Why not post about things to do on hump day, or one of those days when you have time on your hands and no idea(s) how to spend that time.

I, personally, would spend it hitting sales—you know how much I love shoes, bags, and earrings, and any other items that have had their prices slashed.  Can you spell f-u-n?!  Other things: lounge around a pool or the beach, have a drink and people-watch, organize a get-together, watch a great movie or show.  Attend the theater or meet up with friends.  Read a play or audition for one.  I could go on, but those are my things.  So, here are a few that might appeal to you, and these are off the top of my head.

♥ walk, trek, climb, run  ♥ play a game  ♥ watch a movie/TV  ♥ read a book  ♥ start a diary; begin journaling  ♥ begin work on your great American novel  ♥ start a blog or website  ♥ figure out how to change/update your blog  ♥ create a list of things you are grateful for  ♥ take on a project (cleaning cupboards or closets, painting a room, whatever you’ve been putting off or considering)  ♥ taking the pet and/or kids out (find somewhere different and/or fun)  ♥ go to an amusement park and be a kid again  ♥ connect with friends (old and/or new)  ♥ get on social media; visit sites you’ve never been to  ♥ do a puzzle or crossword, or grab crayons and a coloring book  ♥ listen to music  ♥ go out and take photos  ♥ create recipes; cook something new/different  ♥ relax by taking a bubble bath or going to a spa (or seeing if a neighbor/relative will let you soak in their hot tub)  ♥ read the newspaper or a magazine  ♥ nap  ♥ start a garden in your backyard or plant something on the balcony . . .

It’s really not that hard to think of things to do.  It’s simply a matter of getting the ol’ gray matter functioning . . . as in, thinking.  Hey, there’s something to pass the time: make your own list.  I betcha can record an easy three-dozen things to do.  Then, all ya gotta do . . . is do

Happy Hump Day!

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