Blogger’s Blank Brain (Also known as Writer’s Block)

There are so many things one can blog about, keeping in mind, of course, the theme(s) of the blog—but, can one do so without becoming redundant, predictable and/or b-o-r-i-n-g?

I’d planned on doing an editing-related post.  Ech.  Yawnnnnn.  Didn’t feel like going there.  Nor did I much feel like patting myself on the back again re getting HA-HA-HA-HA completed.  Double yawnnnnn.  (Mind you, I’m so tired these days, everything seems to prove a major yawn, he-he.)

So, I got to thinking about simply posting about, well, posting.  Specifically, how to keep at it, particularly when you’re not feeling it.

The first thing: be realistic about how often you can do it.  Then, commit to it.  I offer a post Wednesdays and Saturdays.  That’s not unrealistic, except that I do have mom-care and a full-time job, never mind part-time editing.  So, maybe it’s not that realistic anymore.  Still, I’ll do my best [for as long as possible] and if I truly can’t post twice a week, I’ll make it known.

The same holds true for you: if you can’t stick with the schedule, let your followers know.  The good thing is that you can schedule posts ahead of time, but you’ll need to write a whack of them in advance; bear that in mind and, if doable, write a few in one sitting.

Stay on the theme of your blog, yes, but see if you can “stretch” that a bit— incorporate topics/concepts that are related, yet not.  If you have a blog about editing, for example, keep providing tips and examples.  But there’s nothing to stop you from reviewing novels/books from an editor’s POV, analyzing the editing involved, and perhaps even interviewing editors or writing about them.  Proofing?  That’s another component of editing.  Dig, dig, dig and ye shall unearth a sundry of subjects.

Do podcasts.  A YouTube vid.  Add graphics, photos, lists, comics, or something silly/fun (if it fits).  I haven’t the time to do anything but straightforward posts (I do say that ad nauseum but, sadly, it’s the vexing truth); that, however, doesn’t mean you can’t do something different/entertaining/enlightening.

Visit other sites for ideas (but don’t steal).  Link to other blogs or sites that may have something of note to share with your followers.  Showcase fellow bloggers.  Another option?  Ask your followers/readers what they would like to see.  Or allow them to post about their experiences, knowledge, opinions as they relate to the theme(s) of your blog.

Topics aside (and now that I’ve also reminded myself of the possibilities), don’t beat yourself up if nothing’s coming.  Just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may (some days, I do so love clichés).  Put your feet up, sit back, relax; inform your followers you’re taking a bit of a blogger’s blank-brain break (but not too long, because you don’t want to lose credibility or followers).

. . . Well, well, well.  I just surprised myself . . . by writing a brainstorming blank-brain post. <LOL>

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