The “E” Word

A short woo-hoo post.

The “e” word is . . .


tenorNext Chapter has asked if I would like to edit again (thanks Miika!).  Would I!  I can’t work at it to the extent I’d like right now (given mom-care is 24/7, with only two hours a week of support outside of myself, never mind the full-time job).  But I’ll do as much as is doable for the interim.  Can’t wait.  Love to edit.

And while we’re looking at the word “editor” . . . I’m still going through the final draft of “HA-HA-HA-HA”.  Getting there.  Slowly but surely.  It’ll be ready soon, I promise (I hope).  Rushing an edit isn’t in anyone’s best interest.

I suspect there’ll be some editing-related posts in the near future (he-he).

And that, dear friends, is my short-and-sweet post for the weekend.

Take care and stay well.