Day 1 . . . Not Done

Hi there.  Welcome to Day 1 of The Connecticut Corpse Caper promotion.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the private-eye trio from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency, you won’t know me.  I’m Adwin Byron Timmins, pastry chef and Jill Jocasta Fonne’s ex-beau—er, that’s JJ now, I guess (still not used to the name change).

Anyway, she asked if I’d do a quick post to let you know that The Connecticut Corpse Caper is F-R-E-E from Nov 8 – 12. 

Caper had several of us staying at JJ’s eccentric aunt’s haunted mansion for a week—anyone who could last the week would luck in re the inheritance.  If anyone left before then, their share would go into the pot. 

JJ, her mouthy cousin Rey, and Rey’s quiet best friend Linda got caught up in all the craziness—bodies dropping, weird sounds from behind thick walls, hidden passageways, and Fred the ghost—and started playing amateur sleuths.  They didn’t do too badly either and eventually tied up a lot of loose ends!  I got to adopt a cool cat and the women decided they just might want to go professional.

Maybe you’d like to check out the sleuthing adventures of my ex-girlfriend and her colleagues?  What have you got to lose . . . except a couple of action-packed, sometimes comic, hours?

Did I do okay, Jill—er, JJ?