Mish-Mash, Monster Mash

Happy Halloween from the trio—JJ, Rey, and Linda—at the Triple Threat Investigation Agency.

It’s JJ posting on behalf of the three of us. We were going to do some tricks, but couldn’t think of any that would work well in an actual post.  So, down the crapper that went.  <LOL>

Linda suggested we write poems, but Rey pooh-poohed that and I wasn’t overly keen on it, either.  I proposed an edifying post re the origins of Halloween.  Rey snickered and blew a majorly loud raspberry.  Linda merely rolled her eyes and bit into a Twizzler.

So, given we’d attended a party last night—and had a few too many silly shooters (can you spell o-u-c-h?)—we thought we’d simply say . . . . . . Happy Halloween!

We leave you with a classic . . . and, really, how could you not like, listen to, or dance to this one?

Have fun.  Enjoy.  Indulge (but not too much).