The Rambling Post

A themed blog should stick to the, well, theme.  In this case: the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series, blogging, writing, and editing.  Now and again, however, I do feel obliged to add a personal one that’s not related to the theme(s).  And yet this is related. . . and yet it isn’t.  <LOL>

Blogging: fortunately, I still manage to post twice a week on the blog that I so would love to one day update.  I have a vision.  Yes, I do!  I see, in my fog-tinged crystal ball, a blog that’s crisp and clear (easy to follow), and chockablock full of fantastic advice.

Writing: although writing hasn’t been as consistent or regular as it could and should be, I’ve managed to finish the first draft of the fifth Triple Threat Investigation Agency, “HA-HA-HA-HA”.  It needs a major edit—by yours truly—and it’ll be ready to go.  <pat on laden back>

Editing: my editing has come to a standstill, given that NC doesn’t require my services anymore.  Being the sensitive gal I can be, at first I was somewhat upset (I take everything pretty personally).  So be it.  The lack of editing assignments has allowed a few more writing moments and this is good.  One day—yes, another one—I intend to offer editing and proofreading services.

The TTIA series:  not sure I will continue it after the fifth one is completed.  I love the gals, especially Rey (but don’t tell her that or it will go to her head).  I love the characters/villains, settings, and storylines.  They’re so very real to me.  I’m thinking I’d like to start a new series, possibly still set in Hawaii (my home away from home, even if “life” hasn’t allowed me to return for a number of years now).  With the new series, though, I’ll try the agent and mainstream publisher route (a challenging one, to say the least).

Lastly, me:  I’m struggling and enduing a very challenging/trying time right now.  I’m endeavoring to find out why I can’t do something that needs to be done.  Actually, I do know the reason(s), but cannot move beyond them.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful therapist who is helping me come to terms with this and, with time, will help me take appropriate action.

There you have it.  A rambling post.  I’ve rattled on about nothing really yet, in some ways, said a lot.

I rather enjoyed that, I must say.  (Perhaps I’ll share—purge—more at a later date.)