Making Memories with a New Novel – Memory Makers (Debbie De Louise)

Today, I’m pleased to feature Debbie De Louise and her new mystery novel Memory Makers (part of the Silver Dagger tour).

Twenty-five years ago, Lauren Phelps, age three, and her sister Patty, age five, were kidnapped from their Long Island backyard. Lauren was fortunate enough to escape her captor; Patty, sadly, was not.

Since then, Lauren has suffered from nightmares featuring the “Shadow Man”.  In an attempt to recall his face—and avenge her sister’s murder—Lauren, now a kidnapping investigator, enrolls in a clinical trial for a new memory drug.

At the California offices of Memory Makers, she receives injections of the company’s special serum and starts to experience flashbacks re repressed memories.  Occurring in tandem with the flashbacks: threats from an anonymous source that point back to that wretched childhood trauma.

As she recalls moments from her past, she confronts facts about her relationship with Patty and her parents that she’d not previously, consciously, acknowledged.  Patty had always been her parents’ favorite.  “Baby Doll” to her father, she’d always been the one who got to choose which game to play, book to read, or place to go.

In addition to suffering survivor’s guilt at her sister’s death, Lauren experiences jealousy from a hurtful, harrowing childhood she must come to terms with.  There’s more on Lauren’s laden plate than finding “Shadow Man” (possibly before he finds her).  It’s about finding truths . . . and herself.

A little about Debbie . . . besides being an award-winning author and reference librarian on Long Island, she’s an active member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters-in-Crime, and the Cat Writer’s Association (she has three lovely fuzzy felines).  Published novels include four books in the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series: A Stone’s Throw, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Written in Stone, and Love on the Rocks.  There’s also a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow, and a mystery thriller, Reason to Die.  And let’s not forget the psychological mystery, Sea Scope.  She has also published a romantic comedy novella and written articles and short stories for several anthologies of various genres.  Impressed?  I am.

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