Day 1, A Modicum

I hope this post finds you doing amazingly well.  It’s Linda here, for the Forever Poi promotion.

Our last case, Forever Poi, is available for a modicum—a mere $0.99 today through June 12!  So, if you’ve been saving those pennies for a rainy day, maybe this is that day?


In the event you’re not familiar with it, it’s our third official (paying) assignment and the fourth mystery in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series.  We’re hired by insurance adjuster Xavier Shillingford to assist in the investigation of a double arson which burned down two art galleries, and also claimed two lives: Carlos Kawena, a gallery partner/owner and Mary-Louise Crabtree, a former queenpin.

It soon becomes evident that the fires were not set by a professional torch but by someone wanting to kill one or both of the deceased.  JJ and Rey and I encounter a plethora of possible culprits.  The day before the fire, Carlos had an “ugly break-up” with his partner, James-Henri Ossature.  Severe financial issues existed, too.  Could James-Henri have done the dastardly deed to collect insurance and be rid of his lover?  What about Mary-Louise Crabtree?  Given her sketchy past, might a former foe have murdered her?  If so, was Carlos merely collateral damage?

A challenging case to say the least.  I hope you find it as exciting as we did!

NOTE: $0.99 promotions are active only in the US and UK stores.

Back tomorrow!