Three for Three

You’ve got Rey again.  Hey, how goes?  It’s the third day for the free/discount promotion re The Connecticut Corpse Caper featuring us three—my cousin JJ, my BFF Linda, and l’il ol’ lovely me.

 Caper was our first unofficial case—but it gave us a taste for private-eyeing, one we savored.

A bunch of us gathered at Aunt Mat’s supposedly haunted mansion to collect a share of her inheritance.  If we managed to stay a week, the money was ours; if anyone left early, their share would have been added to ours.  We were there but a few hours when one of the “guests” breathed his last—and not for any natural reason.  Then, the bodies started dropping (and I won’t mention all the weird happenings, including a ghost named Fred).  The three of us started checking for clues and succeeded in finding a few.  Needless to say, we finally figured out who the culprit was.  We made for good amateur sleuths . . . and now make for great P.I.s!

Promotion price?  F-R-E-E  (I just love that word)

Promotion dates:  May 10 – May 14 2020

Continue to stay healthy and safe—back tomorrow.

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