Our First Caper

Hey, it’s Rey.  I’m taking over the The Connecticut Corpse Caper promo posts; Linda and JJ will do the others.

 So-o, let me give you a brief rundown on The Connecticut Corpse Caper—our first caper, er, case (unofficial, of course). It  launched our professional P.I. careers, mostly thanks to me (it was my idea, after all).  Anyway, it is available for a discount / free promotion beginning today, hooray!  That’s May 10th for those not following calendars.

How did I get the idea?  Blame it on a crazy week at eccentric Aunt Mat’s haunted mansion.  A number of folks can inherit a nice bit of money (JJ and me included) if we stay the course.  If one decides to leave, the inheritance is divided between those who remain.  Before we know it, someone dies at dinner . . . and then a few more bodies drop and weird shenanigans occur.  We put on amateur sleuth hats and solve the crazy caper.

♦  Promotion price?  F-R-E-E  (ya can’t beat that)

♦  Promotion dates:  May 10 – May 14 2020

Take care—see ya again tomorrow!


NOTE: $0.99 promotions are active only in the US and UK stores. FREE promotions are active in all Amazon marketplaces.