Bliss as a Blogger

So yesterday was my b-day.  And, as many of us do when another year comes and goes, I felt compelled to reflect on all that I’ve achieved over the years . . . since I started blogging (let’s leave writing/authoring, and personal growth, for other posts).

There’d been another blog site prior to this one—can’t even recall the name of it (I’d deleted it, silly me).  Had one follower.  The posts were a “potpourri” of thoughts and musings about everything and anything.  I thought some were very good.  Yes, most silly me for deleting it.  Live and learn.  Always.

When I first learned about blogging—posting one’s work for the world to read—I was intimidated.  Really?  You mean someone might actually want to read my stuff?  Somebody, a total stranger, may be tempted to react/comment?  (A bit naïve, but hey, we develop at different junctures).

Even if I only had one follower, the first blog wasn’t a failure.  I acquired a working knowledge of links and imbedding, GIFs and other media tools.  Trial and error helped immensely; nothing like screwing up big time to learn what not to do in future.

I’m happy with this current blog, although I recognize it needs a major face-lift, a goal I’d set two-some years ago.  So I state the same today as I’ve stated in past . . . that I [still] want to add editing and proofing services.  And yes, definitely (!), I must be more pro-active re networking.  Time, however, is not something I have much of—those of you who know and/or follow me, understand why.  So, patience is a virtue and, as such, I must be a paragon.  All will transpire when the cosmos decrees (or I win the big lotto pot).

Yup, another year has come and gone, and I’m still rather where I was when I first started.  Regardless, I pat myself on the back for the editing and writing advice and tidbits I’ve been able to provide; hopefully, some of you have found them of value.  And I pat my Triple Threat Investigation Agency private eyes—JJ, Rey, and Linda—on the backs, too.  They’ve posted numerous times on my behalf, and awesomely I might add.

For those of you toying with the idea of a blog, but haven’t yet taken that first step, I highly recommend you do.  It’s fun and therapeutic.  It can prove a sanctuary (it certainly has for me).  It gets the ol’ gray matter (and in my case, it truly is “ol’”) whirling and twirling.  You’ll meet some fantastic fellow bloggers along the way and discover like-minded communities.

I’ve found definite bliss as a blogger.  As they once said, it’s boss!  ♥

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