Day 6 – How’s Trix?

Hey, it’s Rey again.  (The Boss, by the way, is doing cartwheels down the hallway coz she found her former version of WordPress.  Can you spell y-e-e-h-a?)

Today is the 6th day of promotion—the 2nd for Coco’s Nuts.  It’s available for dirt cheap, like 99 cents dirt cheap!

The second official Triple Threat Investigation Agency case is a baffling one.  JJ, Linda and I have to prove that socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer didn’t shoot her boss, infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo.  Despite what the evidence suggests, we’d bet dollars to donuts that Buddy was set up. In a search for answers, we have to contend with a whack of suspects.

Loads of people hated Picolo enough to kill him but finding the person who pulled the trigger proves challenging. His daughter owes thousands of dollars to Vegas collectors who don’t wanna hear “I haven’t got it”, so the inheritance money would really come in handy.  But maybe his son is super eager to take over Daddy’s business(es)?  Nutty Coco Peterson, a Picolo employee, has been missing since the murder; could be he’s on the lam.  And why was Buddy’s best friend gunned down a few days after Picolo?  For that matter, who pumped five bullets into Mr. Razor, Picolo’s assistant?

Our detecting travels lead us along a few detours—like the world of gambling and “limb-breakers”—and has us ruffling feathers by asking too many questions.  Hopefully we get answers before something significant blows up . . . like us!

JJ’s posting tomorrow.  See ya!

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