Yeah, More Shameless Self Promotion – Forever Poi

Hey-ho, it’s Rey posting on Day One of the promotion for Forever Poi – the fourth book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series.

It’s available for 99 cents, a bargain (take from a gal who LOVES to shop!).

The three of us private eyes at Triple Threat Investigation Agency (that name, by the by, was my awesome idea) are hired to find the culprit that torched two Chinatown art galleries . . . and left two charred bodies in the rubble.  There’s a slew of suspects: a haughty gallery owner with a questionable past, an art consultant as treacherous as she is beautiful, a risk-happy photographer who lives on the edge, and an aspiring manager with a dicey history.  All have viable motives: a major insurance pay-out, an ugly relationship break-up, vengeance, and/or a cover-up for past transgressions.

If you’re interested in learning how we solved this challenging case, here are some Amazon links I managed to get for you (I’m getting’ pretty good at this kinda stuff)