Day 6 – Looks Like another Shameless Saturday of Self-Promotion

Can You Hula Like Hilo Hattie is still available for free.  Yes, f-r-e-e (a marrrvelous word, if I do say so myself).

Hey, it’s Rey. If you’re wondering what Hula is about, let me give you a quick rundown.

Now living in Hawaii (like, how sweet is that?) we take on our first official—super exciting—case.  As professional private eyes, we have to uncover the secret of this elderly millionaire’s pretty young thing, uh, wife.  There’s a twist: pretty young wifey is found dead on a deserted beach.  And there’s a secret all right, one of many (and they’re not all hers).

As we’re collecting clues, we kinda end up with a collection of bodies . . . and a mass of suspects.  There’s a whacked-out druggie, a weird drug dealer or two, and a tetchy gang member or three.  Yeah, we make a few enemies, but we also form some friendships.  It’s all part of the P.I. learning curve.

What seems a straightforward task becomes anything but.  Thanks to a crazy week in Connecticut however, we’re used to dealing with murderers and quirky (crazy) personalities. And we have enough faith in our budding talents to persevere and solve this challenging case.  It’s one heckuva fun ride, though.  Maybe you’d like to accompany us on it?  You won’t be disappointed (my personal opinion only, of course).

Here are some Amazon links courtesy of The Boss (they look kinda messy to me, but whatever):

Have an awesome Saturday everyone.


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