Peeves, Not Pets

Hey-ho, it’s Rey again.  Linda was going to take over today’s post, but she had a few too many Mai-Tais last night—a party I wasn’t invited to (which I won’t forget).

Today, I thought I’d post about peeves, not pets—you know, what our current gripes are.  So ya got one from my cousin JJ, one from by best friend Linda (recovering from too much fun, he-he, and serves her right), and one from yours truly.

Linda’s Peeve

WPpeeveD1Ill-mannered people, first and foremost.  Yes, these days, we’re all in a rush, trying to get things done and we’re so focused on that, we forget to be nice.  Remember that word?  It translates into being polite, kind, pleasant.  Last week, some hulk of a guy nearly crushed me against a glass door in his haste to leave a store.  He had a bag in one hand, a cell in the other, and pipikaula clasped between his tense lips.  No apology, just a what-are-you-doing-in-my-way glare.  Granted, he may have been having a bad day—heaven knows we all do—but do we need to extend that to others?  It might not be that bad, even quell said bad mood, if we presented a smile, a greeting, or a simple apology.

JJ’s Peeve

WPpeeveE1Animal abusers.  To hear of an animal being beaten or killed—poached or hunted—breaks my heart.  That a fellow human being could inflict injury or death on a helpless creature / a beloved pet, simply boggles my mind.  If caring for a pet—that wonderful companion that demonstrates unconditional love—is no longer an option, surely another home, even a shelter, is a viable option.  There’s no (!) excuse for mistreatment.

My Peeve

WPpeeveA1Sick people who wanna share the love.  Not long ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop and this woman came in, hacking up a storm.  Sat across from me and continued with the nasty coughing.  Never covered her mouth.  Never even apologized.  Needless to say, I got sick—for over a week!  Nothing I like more than shoving tissues up my nose, whooping up a storm, and feeling like shi—uh, sickly.  People, if you’re ill, show some respect.  Cover up and steer clear!

Ahhhhhh.  Nothing better than purging peeves.  Have a great rest of the week, everyone!  The Boss’ll be back soon.