Pets, not Peeves

Those are for another post.  Hey, it’s Rey!  The Boss, as an FYI, is having some mom-care things to tend to, so ya got me again.

We were walking Button and Piggaletto in Kapiʻolani Park the other day—I had Bonzo in a cool new stroller—and thought a post about pets might be fun.  WPbonzo

So, where to start, my friends?  We-ell, Bonzo is my Checkered Giant rabbit.  I rescued the cutie when his young owner had been murdered during the Can You Hula Like Hilo Hattie? caper.  I never had pets prior.  Man, did I miss out.

WPbuttonButton is JJ’s rescue mutt, a mix—let’s see if I can remember—right, of Havanese, Schnoodle and Chacy Ranoir.  They’re breeds considered hypoallergenic, coz my cousin’s got allergies.

WPPiggalettoChangeDOTorgPiggaletto’s my best friend’s pot-bellied pig.  I was kinda surprised when she brought the porker home one afternoon, and it took a wee bit of getting used to him, but he’s a sweetie and I’ve grown to really love the little guy.

Besides pets being fun and cute and just too lovable, I did some Googling and found out there are actual merits to owning one.  Let me share . . .

There’s decreased:   ♥  blood pressure  ♥  cholesterol levels  ♥  triglyceride levels (a type of fat found in your body, as an FYI)  ♥  feelings of loneliness and/or stress.

And there’s increased:  ♥  occasions for exercise and physical activities  ♥  opportunities to meet people, make new friends (I know we’ve made a few since spending time in parks with the pets)  ♥  sense of safety.

Additionally, having pets is great for kids—gives them a sense of responsibility and bonding.  And, apparently, they can actually stop kids from developing allergies (JJ’s mom should have got her a cat from day one).  And here’s one fact I find amazing: pets can help detect cancer.  Like, who knew!?

There are so many animals in shelters, waiting to have a home, be loved and pampered (kinda like what we humans want).  Please give [lots of] thought to adopting one.  You’ll [both] feel better!

Author: tylerus

I'm primarily a writer of fiction and blog posts, and a sometimes editor and proofreader of books, manuals, and film/television scripts. Fact-checking and researching, organizing and coordinating are skills and joys (I enjoy playing detective and developing structure). My fiction audience: lovers of female-sleuth mysteries. My genres of preference: mysteries (needless to say), women’s fiction, informative and helpful “affirmative” non-fiction. So-o, here I am, staring up a new blog for aspiring and established e-Book writers. The plan: to share the (long) journey of getting to this stage, and share "learnings" and "teachings". There's a lot I hope to accomplish with this blog, but it may be a while before that happens as there's a lot on the ol' plate - taking care of Mom, working full-time, and attempting to get another book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series written (never mind blog postings and other writing projects). It's very challenging and it's all good. As I like to say: teeny focused baby steps are just as effective as long forceful strides. It may take a little longer, but we will get there.

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