New Year, New Outlook, New Hope(s)

Hey, it’s Rey.  The Boss is in meltdown mode these days (poor thing), so we decided to take over re the first official 2020 blog post (New Year’s Day doesn’t count).  We’re keepin’ it light; nothing earth-shattering or overly deep. 

Because it’s a new year—a new decade—the three of us from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency thought we’d share what we’d like to accomplish and see happen this year. 

We’ll start with my BFF, Linda.  Over to you, hon!

WPAgency2Thanks Rey.  I’m not looking for anything grandiose.  A nice home, sufficient finances, and continued employment would be perfectly fine.  Blogging and writing is fun, so I definitely want to continue with both.  Volunteering with the homeless goes without saying.  Oh, can’t forget continued good health:  that’s important.  What would I like to accomplish or see happen outside the norm?  Well, it would be great if the agency were successful—i.e. it receives steady, regular cases.  And I wouldn’t mind a trip to Japan and Hong Kong.  <chuckle>  Rey’s rolling her eyes and feigning a yawn.

That was a snoozer, wasn’t it?  Thanks Linda for sharing that non-exciting wish-list.  What about you, Cousin Jilly?  Hopefully your 2020 plans are more thrilling.

WPAgency1Sorry to disappoint, Cousin Reynalda.  I’m of a similar mind.  I’m not looking for huge financial gain, other than what we earn through the agency or via independent projects.  I’m content with the new house, even if it needs a lot of work.  I’d like us to have more cases, but we’re not doing that badly for a relatively new agency, so I’ll keep the faith that all will work out in our favor.  A relationship doesn’t appeal to me, at least not at this time; it’s too much work, never mind the making-compromises component.  Volunteering at the animal shelter is a must.  <hehe>  My cousin just rolled her eyes again and offered a big fat, fake yawn.

Thanks JJ.  Another snoozer.  Okay, here’s what yours truly hopes for 2020.

WPAgency3I’m all for having a nice home, an exciting private-eye career, and saving the monk seals.  That’s the humdrum stuff outta the way; now for the real, fun things.  I want lots of money, because—as you know—I love shopping.  Faux designer bags and shoes are okay, but I’d like the genuine articles, know what I mean?  Considering I’ve been married three times, I’m not looking for another walk down the aisle, but I could handle a boyfriend or two.  Question is: could they handle me?  <LMAO>  I still want us to expand the agency—to Maui and Kauai, for starters.  I’d also like to do more community theater and see a movie made about the three of us.  I could play me!  With the right director/crew, it’d win an award or two.

One last thing re 2020: our new case HA-HA-HA-HA will be avail.  Can you spell w-o-o-h-o-o?