T’is Time for Writing Resolutions

Given we’re a few days away from a new year (and, with any luck, a better one), t’is time to record resolutions . . . maybe?   They’re great for keeping us focused, not so great for keeping.  Am I right?  . . . Maybe?

Let’s focus on writing resolutions—as in resolutions for writers/bloggers.  There are way too many to consider, so we’ll keep ’em sweet and simple, and fairly straightforward.

The first one has to be, to quote Nike: just do it!  Write, write, write.  Post, post, post.  It’s the blessing, and sometimes the bane, of our existence.

Ensure you write every day; set a schedule.  If you were doing this professionally—and, hopefully, one day you will—you’d have to commit to a timetable.  Arrange one that works with your daily routine.

Challenge yourself this coming year.  Write something outside your comfort zone.  You don’t have to go for a novel; aim for a short story.  If you hate sci-fi, give it a go!  You may surprise yourself.

Learn to embrace—and love—editing.  You can leave it to a professional if you like (and have the $$$), but it’s a skill that can be picked up.  Just apply yourself.  Practice makes perfect.  Am I right?  No maybe this time; it’s a fact.  <LOL>

If you haven’t published or set up a blog yet, do so.  Find a publisher.  Publish an e-book. Create a blog; they’re easy and fun, and can look as professional or arty as you want (just consider your ultimate goal when you design it).

Mingle.  Meet other writers/bloggers.  You can do it on-line or via a real group.  Make sure you’re on social media so that you can connect—not only with fellow authors, but readers, and possible customers (who may partake of your writing skills or blog offerings).

Read.  Learn from others.  Study styles and approaches.  Get (don’t steal) ideas.  See what makes for “success”.

Support your colleagues.  Wouldn’t you want (and appreciate) encouragement in your quest?  Give back . . . always.  It’s a good thing.

Share.  Writing/blogging for personal interest is great.  But if no one reads your stuff, are you getting anything out of it?  . . . Okay, maybe.  Nothing wrong with personal satisfaction.  It depends on your ultimate aim, doesn’t it?

On that note, my aim is complete for today.  But I may be back with more.  We can never have enough resolutions, can we?  WPresolution1

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