Day Four – One More

Today marks the fourth day to get a free copy of Debbie De Louise’s five-star mystery Sea Scope.  (You have until the 25th to partake!)

 This riveting tale revolves around Sarah, who is still mourns her brother’s passing and laments the break-up of her marriage.  She determines to get away—and Sea Scope, a childhood home, serves as the perfect setting.  Two decades previous, she and Glen, her brother, had come across a dead body by a lighthouse.  Back then, Sarah hadn’t understood why her parents had left Sea Scope so quickly … nor why her father commit suicide a year later.  Upon return to Sea Scope, she deals with tragic and trying memories and messages.  Odd clues, written in crayon, are provided by someone claiming to be her brother while several grim facts are revealed about that strange summer so many years past.

If you’re not sold yet, this “enticing” excerpt should do the trick!

The Sea Scope that spread itself across the page as I sketched was huge with several verandas and two floors wrapping around a house that commanded a lovely view of the sea. I recalled the sea gulls circling close to the top floor as Glen and I ran around playing hide and seek. As children with vivid imaginations, my brother and I also liked to concoct ghost stories and mysteries about the inn. Glen would scare me with talk of a murder upstairs in the Violet Room, the one I occupied next to his, that featured purple wallpaper and a purple crocheted blanket over its brass bed. He predicted that one of the guests would be smoking, even though all the guest rooms were non-smoking, and a fire would start and burn the place down. In yet another scenario, some robbers would break in and steal all the statues (there were a number of beautiful pieces of sculpture that graced both floors). Glen also imagined a time tunnel or a secret door behind the kitchen’s pantry, but I laughed. My younger brother was too imaginative for his own good. How I missed him.

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