Ho-Ho-Ho . . . Free-Free-Free

Day 2 of another freebie – Debbie De Louise’s five-star mystery Sea Scope . . . is f-r-e-e through December 25th.  (What a wonderful little stocking stuffer, n’est-ce pas?)

 The riveting story revolves around a woman named Sarah who, still grieving over her brother’s passing—and lamenting the break-up of her marriage—decides she needs a break, an escape.  She returns to Sea Scope, a childhood home.  Two decades ago, she and Glen, her brother, had discovered a dead body by a lighthouse.  At that time, she’d never comprehended why her parents had left Sea Scope so quickly … nor why her father commit suicide a year later.  Upon return to Sea Scope, she has to confront memories, messages, and bizarre clues written in crayon from someone claiming to be Glen.  Sarah must face terrible, daunting facts about that strange summer now so many years past.  Will Sarah survive unscathed . . . ?

Sea Scope is FREE from December 21 through December 25.  The universal link to the book is:


You can also find it on Amazon at: