A Title is Everything – So Have One (!)

It’s JJ and I’ll just keep this post short and sweet (it’s clean-up day at the agency)

Coco’s Nuts is [still] available today through the 17th for a $0.99 and free promotion.  T’is the season: perhaps you’d like to give?

This mystery, the third in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series, revolves around our second case as professional private eyes.  The three of us—Rey, Linda, and I—endeavor to prove that our client, Buddy Feuer, once-socialite-Vassar-grad-turned-trucker, didn’t commit two murders.  The evidence is vast, but we’re sure that Buddy’s been set up.  There’s also Coco Peterson, who’s been MIA since the murders went down—this nut plays a major role in all that’s transpired.  We love challenges and Coco’s Nuts sends several our way.

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