Plugging the Coco’s Nuts’ Promo (again)

You’ve got Linda today.  I’ll just stick to the “message” on this lovely Monday.

Coco’s Nuts is available today (through the 17th) for a $0.99 and free promotion.

This cozy with grit (as the Boss likes to describe it ) revolves around our second case as professional P.I.s.  The three of us—Rey, JJ, and myself—endeavor to prove that our client, Buddy Feuer, once-socialite-Vassar-grad-turned-trucker, didn’t commit two murders.  The evidence is stacked against her, but we’re certain that Buddy’s been set up.  There’s also nutbar Coco Peterson, who’s been MIA since the murders went down; he plays a chief part in all that transpired.  We enjoy challenges, as you know, and Coco’s Nuts sends a few tests and trials our way.

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