Nuts for Coco’s Nuts’ Promo

The three of us flipped a coin (don’t ask) and I won—hey, it’s Rey again!  You know, I’m actually enjoying this.  Maybe I’ll become a blogger one day.

So-o, my friends, Coco’s Nuts is available today (through the 17th) for a $0.99 and free promotion.  Considering it’s so-o close to the holidays, why not think about stuffing a few friends’ stockings?

You may be wondering what this cozy (with grit) is about . . . ?  It’s our second “official” case, where the three of us—Linda, Cousin JJ, and me—intend to prove our client, Buddy Feuer, once-socialite-Vassar-grad-turned-trucker, didn’t commit two murders.  Despite what the evidence suggests, we’re positive that Buddy’s been set up.   There’s also super nutty Coco Peterson, who’s been MIA since the murders went down; he certainly plays a major part in all that went down, but man he’s a hard dude to find.  But we don’t give up, nope, not us; we’re as persistent as ants at a church picnic.

Linda says begging doesn’t become me, so I humbly ask that you check out Coco’s Nuts on Amazon . . . uh . . . plea-ease:

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