Last Day for the Forever Poi Promotion . . . the Second for Coco’s Nuts

Ho-ho-how about a cozy (with a wee bit of grit) for the holiday stocking?  How about two?  Hey, it’s Rey again!

So, today I’m posting about two promos.  It’s the last day for Forever Poi and the the second for Coco’s Nuts.  Both feature three pretty private eyes—me, Cousin Jilly, and my best friend, Linda.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Both books are available for a $0.99 and free promotion.

Forever Poi has the three of us trying to figure out who set two trendy Chinatown art galleries on fire, and left a couple of corpses in the rubble.  There are a few suspects—like a self-absorbed gallery owner with a dicey past, an art consultant who’s as beautiful as she is dangerous, a risk-loving photographer, and an art manager with a shady past.

Coco’s Nuts has us aiming to prove our client, once-socialite-Vassar-grad-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer, isn’t responsible for two murders.  She didn’t kill her boss, an infamous entrepreneur, any more than she murdered her best friend.  Despite what the evidence suggests, we’re sure that Buddy’s been set up.  Then there’s super nutty Coco Peterson, who’s been MIA since the murders went down.  He’s a central piece in this knotty puzzle.  The cast of curious characters sure keeps us on our toes.  But we’re good at what we do, even if we go about things a little, hmm, differently from our fellow P.I.s

You’d sure make my-uh-our day if you’d give one or both a read.

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