Friday the 13th Double Whammy – LOL – Plugging the Forever Poi Promotion (Day 4) & Publicizing the Coco’s Nuts Promotion (Day 1)

It’s JJ today.  Like my colleagues, I’ll stick to the Boss’ post re the current promotion featuring Forever PoiBut I also have to tell you about Coco’s Nuts!

Let’s start with the ongoing promo first . . .

 The fourth book in the Triple Threat Investigation Agency series, Forever Poi—which features Rey, Linda and me—is available for a $0.99 and free promotion December 10—14.

To give you an idea of what transpires, here’s the Boss’ summary:

Novice P.I.s JJ, Rey and Linda have stumbled and fumbled [hmm, not sure about that], through two major cases with surprisingly stellar results.  Now, the trio has to discover who set ablaze two happening Chinatown art galleries, which left a couple of charcoal-broiled corpses in the rubble.  Any number of persons in the local art world could be responsible.  A cast of curious suspects includes a haughty gallery owner with a questionable past, an art consultant as treacherous as she is beautiful, a risk-loving photographer, and an aspiring manager with a dicey history.  Perhaps determining the reason will help: a major insurance pay-out, the ugly break-up of a long-term relationship, out-and-out evil vengeance, or a cover-up for felonious transgressions?

If you have family and friends who enjoy cozies with a little grit, then Forever Poi would make a nice little holiday gift.

And Coco’s Nuts is available for the same deal, starting today through the December 17, for $0.99 and a free promotion.

Here’s the Boss’ sum-up:

The Triple Threat Investigation Agency private eyes must prove their client, once-socialite-Vassar-grad-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer, isn’t responsible for two murders.  She had no motive to kill her boss, an infamous entrepreneur, nor did she murder her best friend.  Despite what the evidence suggests, JJ, Rey and Linda are convinced that Buddy has been set up.  Nutty Coco Peterson, who has been MIA since the murders went down, appears to be a central piece in this perplexing puzzler. As the rookie P.I.s strive to uncover a killer amid yet another cast of curious and unconventional characters, they meet up with old acquaintances who may not have their best interests at heart.  Exploding bombs suggest they’ve ruffled feathers by asking too many questions.  Hopefully, they’ll obtain legitimate answers before something significant blows up—like the Triple Threat gals.

Coco’s Nuts blends mystery, mayhem, and humor . . . and could serve as the perfect little festivities’ break.

Please check us out on Amazon:

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