Gratitude Continued (coz you can never give enough)

Given Vincent (Vince) Lowry featured my interview this past week on E-Authors Resources, I felt compelled to respond in kind.

Vince’s awesome site has an abundance of valuable information for writers including author interviews, cover artists and animated covers, editors and illustrators.

Not only will he promote you and your book—per an interview—but he’ll post the cover and links.  Moreover, if you have a skill relevant to the site, you’re invited to post your name and contact info, with links.

As an FYI, his Goodreads group has over 30K members (wish I did, LOL).

Now, something that you may not know, as it’s not necessarily evident on the site—Vince is an author, too!  He’s written #LucysLetter (his fourth book), Surfing the Seconds, Dreams Reign Supreme, and Constellation Chronicle.


I highly recommend you check out E-Authors Resources.  Whether you’re an aspiring author or a published one, there’s definitely something of value to be found.